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Comment Re:ECC (Score 1) 255

No boot ROM means that a hardware device constructed from discrete logic and analog chips directly demodulates digital data from the radio, addresses the memory, and writes the data. Once this process is completed, it de-asserts the RESET line of the CPU and the CPU starts executing from an address in memory. Really no ROM!

Comment Re:Why this is wrong: (Score 1) 177

Treaties that align laws governing stuff like copyrights and extradition are part of the system protecting the NZ constituents. If someone in the USA pirated content of a NZ rights holder, then these treaties presumably ensure that the rights holder has some recourse. Whether NZ got a good deal in this case is another matter. IIRC NZ used to be fairly lenient on pirates since they got hosed on a regular basis with region locking.

But the piracy thing apparently didn't stick, or it's not enough to warrant extradition. So they added fraud. What is that allegation actually based on? Also I recall something from rules on extradition treaties in my own country, which say if you're being extradited for crime A, a condition of that extradition is that you're not tried for crime B as well. How does that work in NZ?

Comment Re:@Intel: Why no ECC for consumer-grade processor (Score 1) 255

You hit a LSB and something is off by one. You hit a MSB and you're potentially off by trillions.

That's a good argument for Gray code.

I have to take issue with the assumption that nothing clears errors better than a hard reset. There are very many known strategies for dealing with errors on a running system, and a reset only clears persistent and cumulative error, rather than transient ones. Since we can assume that your computer doesn't keep the same data in memory all of the time, most will be transient.

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