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Comment Re: How does it contradict? (Score 3, Insightful) 302

I`m no tax expert but I believe it`s done like this:

  • 1) Buy services or import overpriced goods from a business you own in a tax haven.
  • 2) Scale the above till you barely profit in the high tax country, but have massive profits in the low tax country
  • 3) Pay low income taxes in the low tax country
  • 4) Profit!

I believe you will not have to pay income taxes more than once. At least as long as you keep the money in the business set up in the low tax country.

Comment Re:People actually *like* Python whitespace? (Score 1) 339

Subjective stuff I guess. Me on the other hand throws a sigh for every brace I have to write. Or even sometimes move to make another original authors program intent readable.

Ive only ever encountered a problem with the whitespace when tabs are mixed with spaces. Which really was a major mistake to allow. But as long as its edited in an IDE, they all protect against using tabs for whitespace anyway these days.

Comment Re:Is C.H.I.P. really sub-10$? (Score 1) 122

16$ for the allwinner is not true. I remember a few years back some of their cortex a9 chip made lots of problems for the industry that they sold it for around 5$. I wouldnt be surprised if its even cheaper now.

But even if it were true, they havent offered a single CHIP for 9$ yet. Only 29$ + "free shipping". Shipping something like this from shenzhen would cost around 1$. So it`s really a 28$ module so far. Hardly a loss leader by todays standards. You can already today get android phones with touchscreen, gsm, camera, gps and a battery added in as well for 7$ more(35$).

Comment Re:Where again? (Score 1) 102

Flamebait responding to flamebait. Who wants to respond to this?

Well me apparantly, since I don`t get this comparison that frequently comes up. The geographic knowledge of internal states of a nation is more detailed knowledge than geographic knowledge of reasonably sized nations. Not just a size thing either. Wyoming is big, but Sakha is 12x bigger, and most people still don`t know its location.

Comment Re:How gracefully does it fail? (Score 1) 147

Oh I`m pretty sure you wouldn`t want to be near any sort of metal penetrated high voltage super capacitor. I mean high voltage, low ESR, high energy density, short circuit. What could possibly go wrong.

On the other hand. With so much energy and power density, there is so much that could go right!

Comment Re:Furthermore, Saudi Arabia must be destroyed (Score 1) 399

Economically viable large scale fusion reactors would hardly make a difference on oil countries. Grid power generation from petroleum amounts to around 5% (only 1% in the USA). In cars the electricity is already considered next to free compared to the price of battery through its lifetime. And batteries are not energy dense enough yet to power long distance planes and ships. So I believe it would not do much to the Saudis.

Comment Re:Just what I need (Score 2) 111

Its important to note that it was really a 29$ computer with shipping included. I remember during the campaign even if you wanted 100 pieces, you would still pay 29$ x 100. And with that price I can already buy a tablet with the tablet stuff for a similar price with shipping included (currently listed as 31$).

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