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Comment Re:Terseness and strong mnemonics. Really: Freedom (Score 1) 2288

Your arguments are arbitrary and ridiculous. For starters your second paragraph discounts the argument of the first paragraph, that is that the words are too complicated. As you've denoted, people shorthand the more common terms to a point that even those who don't use the measurement understand the shorthand. Also prefixes make way more sense than placing the modifier at the end. It's pretty standard, for example 'vicet' modifies 'president'. I assume you've never argued in favour of switching verbiage to president-vice. The third paragraph is the worst. You conveniently pick pound and gram to compare instead of ounce or ton (of course specifying short ton versus the more established long ton). More over the convenient conversion factors allow ready visualization of more abstract quantities. Quick, visualize 1000 quarts. I have no idea what you thought of, but 1000 litres is a cubic meter. Simple. Also to clarify your confusion. The litre is a cubic decimetre because the foundation of the metric system is water. 1 millilitre of water weighs 1 gram and occupies a cubic centimetre. With the base unit being set to the more common lengths. You contradict yourself in the fourth paragraph (humans think in sixes, but somehow inch to foot makes more sense than dm to m). Also a mile isn't a thousand paces. It was, but that changed (but not the word) to 8 furlongs, a furlong being 40 rods. I understand the appeal of wanting to visualize measures but what is the imperial unit for measuring the atomic or the astronomic. They don't exist, but if they did, they wouldn't have visual meaning. In your existing method, there is one set of visualisations for weights, one for volumes another for lengths, which makes conversion a nightmare, as discussed above. As to your last paragraph, the imperial system was imposed on the British and consequently on you. YOU ARE USING REMNANTS OF THE BRITISH SYSTEM FROM A TYRANNY THAT YOU OVER THREW HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO. Get over yourselves, it's not like America made some wonderful system and the evil French are out to get you.

Comment Re:We All Wish (Score 1) 872

Interesting definition of Feudalism, but if that's how you want to define it, then yes. The average person is to stupid to make reasonable decisions on complex matters. Much more obvious problems are shown by the tech bubble or sub-prime mortgages, or not seeming to care about their grand children's finances as they dig a deeper and deeper whole for them to climb out of. Finances are a very easy thing to grasp and people make incredibly stupid decisions based on a combination of ignorance and gullibility. And those ignorant asses affect me and you, so please don't expect me to think that Joe Average is going to make great decisions about complex science and statistics, in particular when the major effect is going to be on the next generation after them. They'll grasp any evidence that supports their initial belief which ultimately will be about their personal finances, or what their religious or political leaders tell them, or saving the forest, or whatever their ideology is. Even worse is that they get to impact people in other countries that are to poor too make such decisions.

Comment Re:Atheists Unite... as a religion (Score 1) 845

Your worthless semantics would have any solution to a non-testable hypothesis be a religion. For a limited example, all Christians would also have to define themselves as non-Islamic and non-Buddhist and non-Pagan, and so on. I'd assert that what you've written has nothing to do with the definition of religion. Religion is a societal experience and not a set of ideas. That is it is impossible to be religious by yourself, rather it requires a group interaction.

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