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Comment Re:Someone is encouraging the dissension (Score 1) 191

If only nuts think aliens are real, than NASA sure has lowered their standards. Wasn't there a press release just yesterday that they're going to search a number of planets for signs life? I think you're putting too much weight on fake conspiracies. There are real ones, and plenty of them. They just generally aren't as grand or well planned as the more famous ones. At least, the ones I know of in my city are that way, I know of a few people who were actually set up by the city government. These schemes are mostly powered through massive corruption, lot's of money with, perhaps, a sprinkling of stupidity. They get found out from time to time but it's hard to kick anyone out when you live in a one party town.

Comment Re:Cloud and Google (Score 1) 162

Plenty of people. Even if you're among those few who know better, sometimes you don't have a choice. If I'm in the middle of my building, I don't get a signal other than out unsecured wifi. Do you know how my superiors would look at me if I wasn't in contact with them during a major event and I told them it was because I was worried about something like this? At best, they'd stick tin foil on my head. That I'm right makes no difference and I'd rather not get fired.

Yeah, I have Droiwall to try and limit ways my phone can be exploited but that's not a cure-all. Besides, as dependent as the world has become on smartphones, I do think the manufacturers have some level of responsibility to protect customers who are at risk because they don't know better. It's too late to try and limit this type of tech to nerds.

Comment Re:Posting free/shareware doesn't make CNET liable (Score 1) 206

Good point, to be fair, I never really used LimeWire enough to see what they did or didn't do in regards to promoting piracy. Mostly, I'm terrified for what type of case-law is going to come out of this. Even for people who think that LimeWire did deserve what it got, I really don't think there should be precedent for holding software creators/manufacturers accountable for the crimes committed by unrelated individuals from all over the world. Things are bad enough for businesses without making it their responsibility to act as law-enforcement.

Comment Re:Posting free/shareware doesn't make CNET liable (Score 1) 206

Actually, by that logic (and case law saying that you can't sue gun manufacturers for crimes committed by people who bought their guns) LimeWire shouldn't have been liable to begin with, never-mind CNET. At most, they should have gotten into trouble for not trying to mitigate the piracy and even that would be pushing it in my opinion. Not that it matters. Of course, the RIAA has more close friends in the government than Charlie Sheen has drugs, so I'm not exactly surprised that the court didn't come to the same conclusion in this case.

Comment Re:shame game (Score 1) 575

Weird question anymore. Maybe? Wouldn't be amazed if the hacker who did it was one of them. They certainly helped to enable the attack. Doesn't mean Sony isn't stupid for not taking better care of their customers. So glad I never got that PS3 but some of my friend's aren't so lucky. They can't even find out what information was specifically on there and in danger.

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