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Comment Re:Nork Watch (Score 1) 192

Your "friend" did not noticed anything different. Like all people in North Korea are slim, because they are on permanet diet, because they do not have extra food. And maybe he do not noticed propaganda. Or was asked about filming and given some guidance. But I have heard that even if you take part in White house toured guidance, you will face somekind of propaganda. But North Korea is a very different land. In fact that makes it intresting for a tourist

Comment Re:Report of how it was hacked (Score 1) 135

Intresting lesson how to hack, but I want to remind that hacking is still dangerous and you cannot event trust to TOR. It would be nice to know if it really hacked or not. If using it still, change your TOR keys often.

And if the Gamma Group International "worked" for goverment and so on, they have not so much to fear. If you are hacking, you are not so safe. And criminal records would easially make harm to you.

Comment About christian values (Score 1) 619

Well, it might really be, that if cultere has christian values, stealing is a bigger thing than in so called socialsim without moral bases. I have read some stories that people living somewhere like Moscow really losed morals. So now that is done. :-)

Sadly I do not know well enough those sosieties, and my sources is a bit hard to find. Those stories were in christian books and so on from the era when society chrashed.

Comment Password keepers. (Score 1) 280

It debends from needs, Keepass 1 and KeepassX are very popular ones, and good because they use same database. Also Lastpass. Lastpass is good if you need to use your passwords in different computers.

I used to write passwords to paper, but now I have lost that paper, so not a lot about it. And by the way, on most sites you can recover acces with e-mail so there is no real need to keep copies, just ask for new ones.

Comment Dangerous science (Score 1) 133

Well, I really think it should be race, even writing about different species might be dangerous. That could be really intresting but topic is a tabu.

The only safe route is to wrote that all people all almost same. In fact it would be intresting if people from really different race has problems get babies. But I fear event that is a bit dangerous subject. Only thing that I know for sure it that living as really diffent people is hard, that might have some effect.

Comment Intel Atom might help a bit. (Score 1) 176

It is all about drivers, and it might help if you are using Intel Atom and not ARM CPUs. Still all the drivers will make problems. It would be easier to use modern programs made for those machines. Maybe it would be more in style to use old computers with those old distros. It is quite easy to find older Debian source code, but I do not know if it so easy to get those old programs to work.

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