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Comment Why Harvard? (Score 1) 529

I understand the desire for students to want to get into Harvard. It's not like what they teach there is much different from what they teach anywhere else, academia being what it is. Harvard might have some ever-so-slightly better professors that other Ivy League colleges. Mostly the value of Harvard is in networking with professors and other students that will be the movers and shakers of the next generation of business and politics. That said, I think it would be just as well for a few wealthy Asian American tycoons to found their own college. If you can't join 'em, beat 'em.

Comment Re:So far so good (Score 1) 166

Technically, you are correct. But there are many proprietary file formats that have been left in the dust. I'm not convinced of the utility of having to use an emulator for looking at, say, an old WordStar file from the early 90's when any modern word processing software should be able to open the file.

Comment Her (Score 1) 180

I honestly think the movie "Her" was a more satisfying SF story than "Gravity". SF's main point is the impact on humans and human society of disruptive technologies, and "Her" fit the bill better.

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