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Your Rights Online

Submission + - Filesonic removes ability to share files (filesonic.com)

Ihmhi writes: "In the wake of the Megaupload takedown, Filesonic has elected to take preventative measures against a similar fate. The front page and all files now carry the following message:

All sharing functionality on FileSonic is now disabled. Our service can only be used to upload and retrieve files that you have uploaded personally.

Whether or not this will actually deter the U.S. government from taking action remains to be seen."


Submission + - Singing a song = 20 years in jail 2

Ihmhi writes: "Evan Emory got permission to play an innocent song in front of a classroom full of children. He then recorded a much different song with sexually explicit material in the empty classroom, and edited a video together to make it appear that he's singing quite the perverted song to a bunch of kids. Putting it on YouTube may have been poor taste, but does he deserve 20 years in jail?"

Submission + - Is Twitter Censoring #Wikileaks?

Ihmhi writes: "Is Twitter censoring the #Wikileaks hashtag, or is it just falling through the algorithmic cracks? bubbloy presents evidence that #Wikileaks has been just as popular as #Inception, yet it is nowhere to be seen in Trends. Student Activism presents a similar case. An apparent post from a Twitter employee states that

Hi – I work at Twitter on trends and other projects. Twitter hasn’t modified trends in any way to help or prevent wikileaks from trending. #cablegate was trending last weekend and various terms around this issue have trended in different regions over the past week. Trends isn’t just about volume of a term but also the diversity of people and tweets about a term and looking for organic volume increases above the norm. I hope this helps.

The fact that #cablegate shows up could mean that no foul play is at hand; however it is also possible that while Trends can be rigged against a hashtag like #wikileaks it would be more difficult to predict a hashtag like #cablegate."


Submission + - Government Spyware Puts Chinese Computers At Risk

Ihmhi writes: China's mandatory "Green Dam Youth Escort" web filter software apparently has a series of severe flaws. In addition to not working on Linux or MacOS, traffic between the software and its servers is unencypted:

"We found a series of software flaws," explained Isaac Mao, a blogger and social entrepreneur in China, as well as a research fellow at Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet and Society.

For example, he said, tests had shown that communications between the software and the servers at the company that developed the program were unencrypted.

Mr. Mao told BBC News that this could allow hackers to "steal people's private information" or "place malicious script" on computers in the network to "affect [a] large scale disaster."

For example, a hacker could use malicious code to take control of PCs using the software.

"Then you have every computer in China potentially as part of a botnet," Colin Maclay, also of Harvard, told BBC News.


Submission + - Ubisoft Announces Beyond Good & Evil 2

Ihmhi writes: "From Kotaku:

Closing out the Ubidays 2008 live conference, CEO Yves Guillemot left the audience with one final teaser: the next project from designer Michel Ancel. While the trailer stops short of naming its subject, we'd recognize that schnozzle anywhere. Why that's Uncle Pey'j of course! And look at dear Jade, she's gone and grown out her hair.
The original Beyond Good & Evil had disappointing sales but is remembered by many as a cult classic. Beyond Good & Evil was meant to be a trilogy and the cliffhanger ending of the first game frustrated many fans when there was no sequel in sight. Let's hope Ubisoft treats this series better than some of their other properties."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - YouTube rickrolls YouTube

Ihmhi writes: "Coming in a couple years late on the phenomenon, YouTube has changed all of its Featured Videos on its front page to take the user to a Rickroll page. The video was posted by the very unambigous account YTRickRollsYou. This is smart scripting on their part as it shows real Featured Videos and injects the RickRoll link into every one of them; the real videos can be seen by clicking on the Featured Videos link."
Data Storage

Submission + - Backing up media on a budget?

Ihmhi writes: "I visited a good friend of mine the weekend before. He has a few binders full of DVDs and CDs burned which contain backups of his DVDs, CDs, and games. The original discs are all buried in storage in his house and he keeps the backup discs for convenience and so as not to degrade the originals.

When I asked him to bring up a movie on one of the discs, he received the dreaded "Data Error (Cyclic Redundancy Check)" while trying to read the movie off of the disc. We went through potential movies for about an hour, eventually throwing out a few dozen discs due to this error.

Obviously the media degraded and he (and I) are both rethinking our backup policies. That said, the questions:

1) What's the best way to backup data long-term (minimum of 5 years) on a budget? I'm thinking external hard drive, but making a file server on a low power PC seems like a good option as well considering we both have the parts lying around (sans massive Hard Drives).

2) If one or both of us were to go the fileserver route, would Solid State Drives last longer than traditional drives, or no?

3) If one or both of us were to go the fileserver route, would it be better to leave it off and only switch it on to copy data for use over to our main rigs, or would it be better to leave it on and read the data directly off of it?"

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