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Comment Road Maintenance (Score 0) 359

If 50% does come to fruition who is going to pay for all the maintenance, upgrades, and construction of the transportation infrastructure?
Petroleum fuel taxes (local, state and federal taxes) make up a large majority of the funding for the projects. If people aren't buying gas this revenue stream will decline and the condition of roads and bridges will rapidly deteriorate.
That money that you have saved by not buying fuel will instead be spent on the suspension repairs and new tires required due to damage from pot holes, etc.

As a result I would expect to see a usage based road tax implemented.
Some type of system where you have to report your mileage annually and a bill is sent.

Comment Re:Stay out of warzones (Score 0) 352

Yeah that was in areas controlled by the Kurds. There were no insurgents or pro-Saddam forces in these areas.
The Kurds dislike the Arabs and Persians. They just want to be independent and left alone.

In fact during the height of the action in Iraq you could eat lunch at a sidewalk cafe, go to the mall and catch a movie in Erbil while suicide bombers were blowing themselves up in Baghdad.

Comment Re:Been There, Done That (Score 0) 352

Ahh Camp Victory.

Home Sweet Shithole.
At least you could hit golf balls into the lake, go fishing, and there was a bowling alley for a time.

I too still jump at loud unxpected noises and wonder how long before that reaction fades. Nothing freezes you in your tracks like the sound of a mortar coming out of the tube.

Comment Re:years (Score 0) 352

There are plenty of women there. Both contractors and service women. But obviously the ratio of men to women is off the charts.
And due to such a ratio your date could be "high mileage". If she's willing with you, it is very likely that she was willing with others.

As for social life, there isnt much to due outside of work, eat, sleep and hit the gym. There is no booze on base (the Turkish truck drivers can get it for you) so those type of social events are non-existent.

Comment Re:Why explicitly war zone? (Score 0) 352

Spot on. I spent two years in the "suck" as contractor (non-IT). There are inherent risks with any job. Understanding and evaluating those risks and basing your decisions on that evaluation is the key. With greater risk comes greater reward. A lot of people came over with the expectations that they would be living in hotels, dorms etc and were shocked when they ended up in a modified shipping container with a bunk bed and a fat smelly roommate.
What I missed was privacy. Being in a small office with 4 other people 12 hours a day 7 days a week and then sharing a hooch doesnt allow for much privacy. I learned a lot about myself in those two years. Sitting in a bunker while mortars fall around you gives you some time for personal reflection. I also saw parts of the world that most people never will. And yes, I did make some cash. Its also a great conversation starter (yes chicks dig it!). People love to talk about it, and I have hours of stories and thousands of pictures to go along with my experience.
Would I do it again? Absolutely. Would i recommend it? Depends on the person. Not everybody is built to handle it. The stress, the austerity, the separation from family can do crazy things to people.

Comment Re:Great, so how the hell do I paint ashalt shingl (Score 0) 722

Good luck with that.
While it does sound like a great idea it would never happen. No HOA would ever make an exemption. It defeats the whole purpose of the HOA.

Also, you are going to lose your good faith deposit on the property because you didn't close.
Is it really worth throwing away money to try and screw with the HOA? Just find another property that doesn't have an HOA.

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