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Comment Re:the sky is falling! (Score 0, Flamebait) 314

It's amazing how otherwise intelligent people will wrap themselves in deep denial because a) admitting the truth would require giving up pleasure, and b) they subscribe to very poor sources of information - namely corporations that don't care one bit about their health. Same way it took so long for the truth about cigarettes to come out - big money backing a lie and people willfully in denial.

Holding a powerful microwave transmitter against your head is going to have effects. In Europe they use something called the precautionary principle, whereby things are banned and considered dangerous with less evidence, just in case. After all, why play games with your health, and especially your children's health (as they are less informed about the dangers of these 'toys')? Funny thing - not once has the precautionary principle turned out to be unwarranted.

Look up Dr. Nick Begich - a brilliant researcher with tons of data on his website on this and other relationships between technology and the human body. I've seen Dr. Begich speak and he is no fool.

Regardless, many people would rather risk their health - they do in so many other ways from eating nasty chemicals posing as food to lack of exercise. Why should this be any different? So easy to believe those studies paid for by the cell phone industry, and reported on by big $$$ media corporations (both of which happen to be owned by the same conglomerates).

And for the record, fluoride was indeed used to subdue POWs by the Nazis, who also considered putting it in public water supplies for the same purpose. It was used to inhibit thyroid function at doses lower than what is in toothpaste. Educate yourself for real before you speak trash. Fluoride is highly nasty stuff. Same for the mercury in vaccines which is indeed linked to autism.

Y'all aren't as brilliant as you imagine, just very clever at living in and justifying denial. Cleverness does not equal intelligence. Cleverness makes bombs; intelligence discards them.

Comment SUSE Traitors $$$ (Score 1) 1217

We now see step 2 of Novell's traitorous deal. We knew MS is evil. But now it's clear that Novell has moved to the other side, having nothing genuine to do with freedom.

As for MS, this is how fascists operate - they go to war for control. To them, it's simply about money and being the biggest bully. It has nothing to do with what is fair or reasonable. They will bring all the legal and financial pressure they can against OSS in an attempt to crush it. As they are aligned with a fascist (aka American) govt, the courts will favor them to a great extent, as they do the RIAA and MPAA. Observe the way MS's anti-trust lawsuit dissolved. MS's crimes aren't going to go away until the larger system supporting their crimes is addressed.

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