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Comment Re: The problem with American Embargos (Score 1) 254

Ok so to sum this up quickly. Countries with civil/religion-based wars, going for 5 years or more: Yugoslavia, Ireland, Spain (Basks), Iraq, Afghanistan. Country where there was no war, perhaps only a short 3-month civil unrest with casualties under 200: Ukraine. No deaths or civil unrest in Crimea. And look, Russian peacekeepers are still claiming their right to protect something from somebody.

Comment Re:It gets worse... (Score 1) 667

Yeah I saw tweets by this "spanish atc working in Kyiv". It is a fabricated lie. UA ATC people are all UA nationals and they don't employ foreigners. This Spanish guy does not exist anywhere beyond fabricated tweets and a livejournal page. More here - http://www.stopfake.org/en/lie...

Internet is indeed full of conflicting accounts, etc. In this particular case, terrorist's tweets were coming from their numerous official accounts, the ones they used for past 3-4 months.

If by "Seppos" you mean "separatists", then I should point out that they and terrorists are the same people, and Russia is their main supporter in man power, arms, money. There's a vast amount of evidence for this, accumulated since early April.

Comment Re:Let us keep our thoughts with our Kremlin frien (Score 0) 667

I suppose it should be enough to just hint that it was Columbus who brought potato and tomato to Europe from America. Russian propaganda machine relies heavily on half-truths, and since Russians are so susceptible to those, a considerable damage can be done this way. Anything which can hurt Putin these days will do.

Comment Re:It gets worse... (Score 2) 667

Ukraine was indeed a part of the USSR and practiced propaganda intensely. This ended 23 years ago. Nowadays, he have numerous, independent news sources, so the situation is much more like what it is in e.g. EU, rather than what it is in Russia where all large TV stations are directly controlled by Kremlin.

I obviously agree that Ukraine is to gain the most from this tragic event, and yet that's the only argument for a horrible accusation of UA army shooting down this plane. One really has to have good argumentation in place in order to suggest or proceed in this direction. There has been no credible evidence for this thus far - nothing from terrorists, nothing from Kreml.

Comment Re:It gets worse... (Score 3, Informative) 667

Ok thanks for the clarification. Terrorists indeed claimed to have stolen a BUK system from local Donbass military base, on 29/06: https://twitter.com/kram_ua/st... Here's another claim - they're saying they fixed it: https://twitter.com/Dbnmjr/sta...

UA army claimed all BUKs were crippled beyond repair, so it is also likely that specialists and materials needed for repair (if it indeed happened) came from Russia

Also, there's a series of intercepted phone calls between terrorists on 16-17th of July, where they discuss BUK system newly arrived from Russia.

Comment Re:It gets worse... (Score 1) 667

Crimea does not have borders with Donbass region, but Russia does. Even if these BUKs were originally from Crimea, they still had to get to Donbass somehow, and the only route would be via Russia. Also, how likely is it for terrorists to have this thing shipped over without knowledge and support of this by Russian government?

Comment Re:It gets worse... (Score 5, Informative) 667

In this particular case, there was exactly one terrorist group who claimed they shot down AN-26, a military support plane. Only to find out 30 minutes later it was a Malaysian Air flight. They also claimed 2 planes in 48 hours leading to the incident. They posted numerous pictures of BUK AA system(s) in their possession, in 3 weeks leading to this incident.

Comment Re:Wait for it... (Score 1) 752

Do you or do you not realize that if over 5 independent news sources continually say the same thing, it can only be false if they've conspired to lie?

Donbass region is a home to some 4 million people. Sure they had perhaps 100,000 people supporting these terrorist organizations initially - sometime in April. Has it occurred to you that things changed? A video I just posted to you - right here - http://slashdot.org/comments.p... - is a nice illustration of my point.

Has it ever occurred to you that Russia has never, ever it it's history held a properly organized democratic vote where opposition won? Do you realize that this suggests that Russia is not in the business of Democracy (makes me wonder why I have to argue this)? Are you suggesting that, as someone claiming to understand applied mathematics and psychology, that for the first time in history, Russia organized it's first Democratic, completely free and representative referendums - in Crimea and Donbass?

Comment Re:Wait for it... (Score 1) 752

The only fear I can see is in the eyes of the reporter when he recalls events of being held hostage by terrorists. The women at 11:20, barely 2 days since the end of war on their street, are recalling events of the past 4 weeks - and a look on their faces is just that - recalling events of the past 4 weeks. If you say they show fear, then you sort of have to admit it is directly related to surviving under terrorist rule. A women at 11:40 is upset because she does not understand how she's supposed to live in a half-destroyed house. There's also an older man cleaning broken glass out of a house. He's cautious of the camera people and does not say much. Then at 12:40 there's a 90yo woman making a tour of the remnants of her condo. There's, again, an uncertainty regarding how she's supposed to survive in these conditions, she's thankful for somebody who brought some bread, water and cleaned some of the rubble (for money). Happened *after* terrorists were gone. Where's fear? Do you have a specific offset in the stream, Minute:Second?

"Old man lashing out and instantly getting subdued at Ukrainians soldier" is something you misunderstood entirely. This old men demands for the water etc to be restored as soon as possible, and the soldier asks him to simply wait - they are still busy removing boobytraps, mines, searching for remaining terrorists. Where's the "threat"?

On the nazi thing - so you're basically claiming that a) I feel superior, b) nazis felt superior => I am a nazi. Do you really think logic works this way for the majority of people inhibiting this web site, let alone the planet?

Also, Slovyansk and other cities have been liberated for 2 weeks now. Surely nazi Ukraine army did gruesome things to the locals, and surely there must be evidence for that, available on internet for all to see as well. Can you please find some for us to see?

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