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Comment Re:Brain and Genitalia (Score 1) 480

I'm with you. Can you imagine if we needed spiders to help reproduce? No way! I'd rather not... waitaminute... this is just reproduction not the sex act itself right? I change my vote then, I'd take keep the creepy-crawlies away as birth control for the win!

Comment Re:That's great... (Score 4, Insightful) 325

Wait... IIRC isn't this phrase:

They are very large users of the H1-B visa program

Supposed to say this?

They are the largest user of the H1-B visa program

I'm being cheeky about it. But, I remember when they opened the office here in Vancouver how excited everyone was and then no one was being hired here but there was a lot of people coming in from abroad to work here. The problem is on paper it always looks better to move things offshore because the "operating effeciencies" but look what happens when things are moved, poorer quality, poorer service and no one cares. I'm inclined to blame the "Walmart/everything's disposable and cheaper to replace mentality".

Comment Re:How, exactly?!? (Score 1) 422

I'd rather have the installers available on disk but not actually installed. Then when you go through the OS installation you can pick which browser to install, or better yet, give a "have disk" option or install later. The key thing is give an end user the choice. If the system is boxed then you should go through setting up IE when you go through your initial setup.

As an aside, personally my big grief for a while there was not being able to remove IE. If I find a browser that does everything I want and I don't need IE anymore why should I keep. Unfortunately, due to my work I need it at home so I haven't tried removing IE. Otherwise I'd be fine using Flock/Chrome.

Comment Re:Textpad! (Score 1) 1131

I know there is a lot of "me too"'s here but I feel honoured to be among them. I turned on about 3 other people to it just by showing them some nifty macros on it!

Comment Re:Details up front (Score 1) 609

Ok, but if the majority of people say "We don't want this" and would like to make it law then laws are what we get. Government is for the people by the people after all and majority rules. If this is what the majority wants thats what they should get.

"We are in bondage to the law in order that we may be free." I'd say that applies to the market just like any individual.

Comment Re:Slashdot v. Patent Lawyers (Score 1) 250

I couldn't agree more. When you file a patent I believe you have an obligation to bring a product to market. The patent is meant to protect you in doing so. Can't get a prototype in 7 years? Too bad, you're gaming the system, scrap the patent and take your licks for trying to stifle innovation. In my mind you shouldn't even be allowed to patent something unless you have some form of prototype... something, anything that shows your working towards getting a product to market. If you're not willing to do that step aside.
The Courts

Submission + - No anonymity for Colorado P2P defendants (

Pablo Saga writes: "From Internet Cases: Finding that the RIAA and other record companies might not get access to precious data including the names, addresses and MAC address of unknown defendants in a new file sharing case, a federal court in Colorado has allowed the service of a special subpoena on Qwest so that the defendants can be tracked down. Colorado file sharers beware!"
Linux Business

Submission + - Linspire and MS enter a new major partnership (

XdevXnull writes: "Microsoft has put up a page on their website outlining some details of their major new partnership agreement with Linspire. On the surface, it appears to be very much similar to the Novell agreement, but includes some interesting developments for the future of Linspire's eponymous distribution: Ms-compatible voice messaging for Pidgin (formerly gaim), Windows Media 10 (DRM anyone?), True Type font support, enhanced OOo/MS Office interoperability, and Microsoft's Live Search will be the default web search engine. The first three will be available in the commercial version of Linspire 5 with purchase of a "patent SKU".

This latest news will likely raise a lot of controversy, but my guess is that to anyone who would really be upset about these things, the Linspire distribution is largely irrelevant in any case."


Submission + - Broadband providers impose bandwidth limits

An anonymous reader writes: Interesting article in today's Boston Globe regarding treatment of "high-bandwidth users" by local broadband providers.
( les/2007/03/12/not_so_fast_broadband_providers_tel l_big_users?page=full)
It appears that your acceptable-use policy can be interpreted in unexpected ways.
Linux Business

Submission + - Main UK opposition party talking OSS

twofish writes: "The user of open source software in European government got another boost recently when shadow Chancellor George Osborne told the Royal Society of Arts he wanted to create a level playing field for open source software in the UK. He has estimated that the British government could save more than £600 million a year if it used more open source software, according to this short article on the BBC website."

Is it Time for Open Office? 449

lazyron asks: "I've been using Open Office a bit more lately, and got to thinking: this is much more like my current version of Microsoft Office than Office 2007 will be. Could it be time to try Open Office in the workplace, especially since there is still some time left before Office 2007 will be forced on us by the demands of the product cycle? Are there any IT admins out there thinking about trying Open Office, either with a few users or all of them?"

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