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Comment Piss off internet rent seekers (Score 1) 227

Ok, open up the demand for strict image management on the internet and the internet as we know it is dead. A uk judge ruled that the theft of Zynga credits (for farm ville) constituted a real theft of real property. In that sense the reuse of an image online is theft. But the deeper point is ownership, If you put an image online to be served to the public you no longer own it period. It is on the server, it is on every computer that views it, you gave it away. All rules about copyright are simply extortion schemes, if you want to earn money from it show it to a closed audience at some auction site.

Comment Patent trick (Score 3, Interesting) 269

This is old stuf, but the metals originally proposed are not rare and the patent has expired. I did a piece about it here.. http://www.greencheck.nl/index.php?/archives/279-De-Rare-Earth-Mythe.html It shows the patents and the reactions proposed. Supressed technology is reintroduced as an invention. Cerium spiked up 600 perscent last august..

Comment Agoracentric model (Score 1) 471

Its called glaring incompetence. But in today's society we are all kept alive with energy we don't replace. We have lost our mutual value and GM shows how disgusting the theatricals can get about the 'imposibility of the transition'. Oil = money and we all need oil because of freaking moronoic lying scumbag companies like GM. We need a localized energy, food and skill autonomous patchwork of commuities to develop asap. That or we will all run into the peak oil wall of death in our massive Chevy Volt.

Comment There is no Privacy (Score 1, Interesting) 355

It is sickening how technologists assume the best in people while taking precautions for the worst all the time. We are approching a time where everything anyone has ever learned or been exposed to is known. Grooming and vetting, unexcidental experiences etc. can all be arranged if needed..We may be past the point of no return, and may only become witness to the consolidation of basicly autonomous techonolgy determining our lives..

Comment Lies, Damn Lies and Theft! (Score 5, Interesting) 525

Complexity in these algorithms is only to hide the fact that the are FRONT RUNNING trades, they have servers that are directly next to the ones performing normal trades and using the speed that affords they put themselves between buyers and sellers. Goldman Sachs steals 100 million USD every day. To hide this theft they claim sophistication. Same story with derivatives, they are FRAUD. to hide the fraud they are made 'complex' using the work of so called Quants. It is thieving and it is nonsense.

Comment Stabile Lagrange point? (Score 1) 379

Do all rocks collect on the mountian ridges? As fr as I know sattelites do not end up in the Lagrange points, or those points would already be taken by millions of years of dust collected..If you start there you won't move, but to my knowledge those are unstabile equilibria, so if you are not there, you fall to either the Earth or the Sun or the Moon..

Comment Same difference (Score 1) 381

It should work both ways, and is at best extortionist. The net work has a capacity limit which every paying user now experiences, in the new scheme this fixed limit is cut in two tiers, one subscribed to, the other for extra pay. In the end people pay more for the same service, and the service is made artificially scarce to the benefit of people that don't pay extra. There should be a law against this type of arrangement. You dont'go to a restaurant and get served to little for the menu price to then get offered the extra you want at double the price. Shit, you do in some cases..

Comment Corporatism Creeping in (Score 1) 147

I is not an argument that because private enteriprses violate privacy, government shoudl as well, also the argument that that mekse them more efficient is nonsense. Our government can automatically look up our personal data data in Holland, with consent, and that shoul dbe enough Any resoning based on the premis that it is gong so well is a complete lie, the US is broke, both government and private sector..

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