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Comment A kind of Godwin's law. . . (Score 1) 429

Trump is not the Secretary of State

So he automatically gets a free pass and is measured by lower standards? You must do a great job hiring people for your business. . .

Irregardless, saying our voting system is rigged without any credible evidence has invoked a kind of Godwin's law in my mind. . . For anyone who cares about our democracy, the primary goal at this point should be to make sure Trump loses by a large enough margin that any claim of a rigged election would be laughable.

Otherwise, these last couple months will seem like a VACATION compared to what is headed our way. Let's end this once and for all. . .

Comment Slashdot = Fair & Balanced. . . (Score 1, Offtopic) 157

Or. . . maybe they want to do things like turn on A/Cs earlier in the day to cool off houses while the solar power generation for the day is still high, instead of waiting for people to get home later in the day and manually turn on their A/Cs (after solar power generation has gone down, so you have to use natural gas)?

Coming home to a cooled house is actually a plus for both the consumer and the grid, but don't let that get in the way of your FOX like "'bama's gonna take our guns!" like interpretation. . .

Comment Re:Only if you already pay $7,500 per year in tax (Score 1) 990

Yes, which is why you see EV sales drop in the U.S. at the beginning of the year (best to earn a non-refundable tax credit once you are sure you have accrued the tax liability, just in case you lose your job. . .).

If you don't make that much to fully take advantage of the tax credit, just buy a used EV since the credit is priced into the used price.

Comment Re:2013 Leaf Owner here (Score 1) 990

I run my electric-powered A/C at home . . .

- Not sure who you are talking about. A/C at home is pretty guiltless because it matches almost perfectly with the solar load (cooling your house a bit earlier using a smart thermostat to better match the solar load would be my only Green nitpick, but use away. . . if it is hot and is also sunny, so. . . )
- Second, wtf, I am comparing running an ICE A/C on battery (guiltlessly for a very short period until the lead battery is drained) or with an idle engine (which is extremely inefficient, hence the guilt) vs an EV that is NOT CHARGING (why do ./-ers think you need to be charging to be able to run the EV A/C for hours at a time without any noticeable battery drain. . . ). This is convenient vs the ICE alternative.
- Sure, you have thought things through without any relevant experience so your conclusions are completely off. Why don't you try driving an EV for a while so that you actually have some relevant context when you read posts like mine?

. . .shifting all the burden to power plants and onto the grid only causes . . .

- You do realize that combustion power plants being built these days are like 2x as efficient as ICE cars, right (have you heard of CCGT)? Not to mention it is way easier to regulate centralized power plant air pollution than air pollution from millions of individual cars.
- Here is the kicker. . . No, EVs currently are not a burden on the grid because they represent such a small portion of the demand. However, when they DO become a burden, that means the EV industry has produced batteries at such a scale that they are now cheap enough to use to stabilize renewable sources of energy. So your argument shows a complete lack of understanding of this topic and the economics at play.
- Maybe if you were not so quick to dismiss other people as stupid you would break your own cycle of ignorance and actually expand your knowledge on this topic?

Comment Re:2013 Leaf Owner here (Score 1) 990

No, why do I need to be charging to use the A/C? I have used the A/C for over an hour with barely any noticeable impact on range (without charging at the same time, of course. . . wouldn't that be a con if I had to be charging to use the A/C. Do you even OWN an EV?).

Wait. . . did I pick too late of a time to post and landed in the "Slashdot Prick Timezone" or what? WTF.

Comment 2013 Leaf Owner here (Score 2) 990

Some pros:
- The lack of engine noise definitely reduced my daily commute stress.
- Way better USABLE acceleration means I can easily change lanes anytime (I am sure a race car driver in a comparably priced ICE standard transmission could beat me, but most people are not race car drivers. An ICE car driven at the same routine acceleration would not last very long, runs the risk of going out of control due to the inconsistent torque, and is embarrassingly loud at pitiful speeds. When we occasionally rent an ICE vehicle, I am blown away by how crazily loud a little punch on the pedal is, resulting in an unsatisfactory driving experience in comparison. Having an EV has killed the joy of driving an ICE for me. . .
- Guiltless endless A/C when parked.
- For my routine driving, I never have to worry about "stopping to fill up" because I am doing that every night at home.
- Even at these gas prices, electricity + battery is cheaper.

Some cons:
- The endless times I get to hear "resale value sucks for EVs" because an entire industry is unable to factor the $7,500 tax credit new purchases get. . .
- Range. . . though Austin, TX has put in a network of supercharges, so not really the case for me anymore. Range never comes up during my usual driving routine, though.

Comment Re:Prioritizing (Score 3, Interesting) 531

I don't know what is more depressing, the fact that you would hand over your country to a guy like Trump for a little job security or the fact that you actually think Trump can reverse the effects of globalization and technological automation without making the U.S. the next North Korea. . .

Trump is not a candidate, he is an intelligence test. You failed the test.

Comment Re:The problem is. . . (Score 1) 420

You may think he has some kind of genius plan. . . personally, I think he has no plan. This will become apparent as soon as he picks a running mate who will be just as clueless about Trump's position on any given topic at any given time as the rest of us.

That should also be entertaining to watch. . . for a while. . . but I am pretty sure we will all be wishing that voting season could be cancelled like a reality tv show well before we ever reach November. . .

Comment Re:The problem is. . . (Score 1) 420

And you assume that somehow posting them on the web site is a better choice?

If you understand data, then yes, you should understand that posting tabular data, at the minimum, is WAY better than reading it out loud. You also consider this level of transparency the "norm" and do it before hand, without being asked. You also understand that it is very cheap and easy for people to check if you really had $6M of donations, so you make sure the info you give out is correct (rather than rush $2M more donations 4 months after you made the claim to try to save some face). His political maneuvers imply a pre-internet/smartphone mentality (especially his reckless Tweets that take 2 seconds to fact check). That kind of approach might have worked as recent as 15 years ago, but it is just too hard to obfuscate things like that anymore.

I think Trump winning the GOP primary says more about the GOP than Trump. GOP is suffering from an identity crisis, so the loudest, toughest, and meanest SOB won. This is schoolyard politics. It will be interesting to see if the GOP survives this. . .

Regarding Trump's chances of winning the general election. . . I think it would be possible if the election were next month. This is a marathon and Trump is definitely running full out. I doubt that he will fatigue, but I definitely see the general public getting "Trump Fatigue" halfway before the election. For instance, he could have totally avoided the donations hoopla by just having an updated mentality on data and transparency. It was totally avoidable and, in the context of modern times, he totally caused the situation himself. I predict 3 more months of this "Angry Old Grandpa doesn't understand how things work" pattern and most people will just get tired of it, like most reality shows. Except, this show cannot be cancelled.

At that point, he will probably have to fallback on more traditional politics if he is to salvage anything. I have to admit that Trump is entertaining when he is going on a rant. However, when he tries to speak like a traditional politician, he is the most boring and painful to watch politician I have ever seen. I assume that is because deep in his heart he does not care about that shit. He is a salesman, through and through, and that shit is for after he has made the sale (collects his commission and goes home).

No, I do not think Trump is stupid. I think he is a brilliant salesman. However, we are totally fucked if we try to get a salesman to actually try to fix our problems. . . I assumed most /.-ers would think the same way. . .

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