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Comment Re:The problem is. . . (Score 1) 420

You may think he has some kind of genius plan. . . personally, I think he has no plan. This will become apparent as soon as he picks a running mate who will be just as clueless about Trump's position on any given topic at any given time as the rest of us.

That should also be entertaining to watch. . . for a while. . . but I am pretty sure we will all be wishing that voting season could be cancelled like a reality tv show well before we ever reach November. . .

Comment Re:The problem is. . . (Score 1) 420

And you assume that somehow posting them on the web site is a better choice?

If you understand data, then yes, you should understand that posting tabular data, at the minimum, is WAY better than reading it out loud. You also consider this level of transparency the "norm" and do it before hand, without being asked. You also understand that it is very cheap and easy for people to check if you really had $6M of donations, so you make sure the info you give out is correct (rather than rush $2M more donations 4 months after you made the claim to try to save some face). His political maneuvers imply a pre-internet/smartphone mentality (especially his reckless Tweets that take 2 seconds to fact check). That kind of approach might have worked as recent as 15 years ago, but it is just too hard to obfuscate things like that anymore.

I think Trump winning the GOP primary says more about the GOP than Trump. GOP is suffering from an identity crisis, so the loudest, toughest, and meanest SOB won. This is schoolyard politics. It will be interesting to see if the GOP survives this. . .

Regarding Trump's chances of winning the general election. . . I think it would be possible if the election were next month. This is a marathon and Trump is definitely running full out. I doubt that he will fatigue, but I definitely see the general public getting "Trump Fatigue" halfway before the election. For instance, he could have totally avoided the donations hoopla by just having an updated mentality on data and transparency. It was totally avoidable and, in the context of modern times, he totally caused the situation himself. I predict 3 more months of this "Angry Old Grandpa doesn't understand how things work" pattern and most people will just get tired of it, like most reality shows. Except, this show cannot be cancelled.

At that point, he will probably have to fallback on more traditional politics if he is to salvage anything. I have to admit that Trump is entertaining when he is going on a rant. However, when he tries to speak like a traditional politician, he is the most boring and painful to watch politician I have ever seen. I assume that is because deep in his heart he does not care about that shit. He is a salesman, through and through, and that shit is for after he has made the sale (collects his commission and goes home).

No, I do not think Trump is stupid. I think he is a brilliant salesman. However, we are totally fucked if we try to get a salesman to actually try to fix our problems. . . I assumed most /.-ers would think the same way. . .

Comment The problem is. . . (Score 2) 420

It is easy for Trump to make promises because he is clueless when it comes to technology. Trump doesn't even know how to use data in his own campaign. He reads donation numbers out loud at a press conference when most people these days would just post the numbers on their website and be done with it. He is telling you what you want to hear to "make the sale," but the actual situation is being driven by economics that are hard to address in a free market.

Just read the marketing notes from Trump University. . . he is totally playing the segments of the population in the most pain. . . for HIS gain. Except the stakes are way higher than they were with Trump University. . .

Comment Re:Writer is fine... (Score 1) 284

Calc doesn't come close to Excel

This is a feature, not a bug. After spending nearly two decades with Excel, I found the optimal way to use it to be as follows:

- Your data should be separate "data sheets" (hopefully pulling from an actual DB table,view, or query)
- Your pretty report should be a separate sheet that uses the same "smart copied" formula (usually with the index function like sum(if(...(if...(if... etc. . .
- If you are capturing data, that should go into a table (I ended up using a custom VBA for this for the MS world)
- Modern SQL with analytic functions is superior to anything in any spreadsheet application. You can easily nest SQL into an Excel data connection
- Pivot tables are only for Ad Hoc analysis

And, guess what. . . the above is not just for Excel but works for Google Docs and probably any other spreadsheet application out there. If you are locked into your spreadsheet application then YOU ARE USING SPREADSHEETS WRONG AND BEING EXTREMELY UNPRODUCTIVE. I actually prefer Google Docs to Excel because of the overflowing and gems like "query()".

I have seen endless people using spreadsheets in the time consuming, error prone ways. . . they are the ones who will bitch and moan the most because switching software has a huge impact on their unproductive task filled days. I say, let the people who can use software productively take over their tasks. . . It would be cheaper to pay the army of copy/paste mon. . .erh. . . "knowledge workers" to stay at home. . .

Comment In other news. . . (Score 4, Interesting) 314

Smartphone sales growth continues to be explosive."

Maybe we should just add smartphones to the definition of "PCs" (a device you can carry in your pocket does seem to be a "personal" device, anyway) and go on with life?

Innovation didn't stagnate, it just is being focused on a new form factor.

Comment The thing about "free will". . . (Score 1) 386

is if a machine that can predict my actions is invented, I could always incorporate that machine into my decision making process, restoring my "free will" ("oh, I was about to decide that? On second thought, maybe not").

Consequently, free will seems to be more of an emergent property of being able to continuously and flexibly augment and use tools for our thought processes than some kind of "magic stuff" that makes our decisions appear truly mystical and random.

Comment Re:What the fuck? (Score 1, Troll) 623

So Trump attempting to ban minorities by seeking the highest office of the free world and riling up mobs until they start beating up said minorities = "He has a right to speak!"

What the fuck? He hasn't done any of that!

Donald Trump on Muslims: 'They're not coming to this country if I'm president
Donald Trump on protester: 'I'd like to punch him in the face'
Trump supporter charged after sucker-punching protester at North Carolina rally

What the fuck? Ya' live in a cave!?

Comment Re:Valid Action (Score -1, Flamebait) 623

Expressing the desire to do something (ban Mexicans and Muslims, in this example) is not the same as doing it.

Expressing the desire to not shop at Amazon again until they drop the Trump brand is not the SAME as doing it. . .

an attempt to exert control over others and -that- is an act of intolerance.

So Trump attempting to ban minorities by seeking the highest office of the free world and riling up mobs until they start beating up said minorities = "He has a right to speak!"
Me attempting from the quiet solitude of my home to express my intention to not to purchase anymore items from Amazon until they drop the Trump brand = "You are being intolerant!"

You may not be supporting Trump, but you see seem to be inflicted by the same deficiencies of rational thought. . .

Let him talk.

Right. . . because trying to get Amazon to drop his brand is somehow preventing him from talking!? This is Insightful!? Slashdot is becoming a lost cause. . .

Did I ever say Trump does not have the right to do any of the stuff he is doing? I am simply expressing my right to do everything legally in my power to purge the kind of festering stupidity he represents and cultivates.

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