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Journal Journal: Israel vs Hamas - I don't care! 2

So, Israel is lobbing rockets into Gaza again. What a surprise.

Quite frankly, I don't give a flying fuck about neither Israel nor about the Palestinians. For the past 60 years these parties have been killing each other, day after day. No change whatsoever and no change will come to the Middle East and peace will never settle over this region until one thing and one thing only happens and seeing how many uneducated retards there are in this area of the world, it will not happen while I am alive and probably not for decades or centuries after I am dead. What is the problem, you ask? Religion!

These people are killing each other and have been killing each other over some stupid bronze age myths that they somehow have been brainwashed into believing is real and not fiction. Both sides claim that certain spots in, among other places, Jerusalem is so called holy. It's no more holy than my asshole, but when you are a retard brainwashed into believing bronze age myths, it's difficult to understand that these rock filled area are totally worthless and not special in any way shape or form except in the mind of the deranged religious retard.

These people, on both sides, will continue to kill each other until one of the sides have been exterminated. Israel is a worthless piece of rock and if it had not been for all the religious delirium surrounding the place, nobody would have been giving a flying fuck about the are or if they killed each other.

So, bottom line is, I don't give a shit about Israel, I don't give a shit about Palestinians and I don't give a shit about retarded muslims, jews or christians and their god fantasies. So, if these morons wants to go on and kill each other for another 60 years, I am more than happy to step aside and say "Go right ahead!"

If they really want peace in this area, they will first have to recognize that religion is nothing but bronze age mythology and not real, educate the people and understand that what they have been fighting over, has been worthless fantasies. Until that happens, the Middle East will continue to be a war torn and I will continue to not care one iota if they are!

And I will never vote for anyone who wants to spend my tax money in this crazy religious mess.

So, Jews, christians and muslims - Once you realize that religion is just bronze age mythology and that gods are only found in a six inch area between your ears, you will have the opportunity to create peace in the Middle East. Until then... pffft...

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