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Comment Audio Authentication (Score 0) 55

Authentication using various methods of audio modulation and demodulation has been around for more than 10 years. My company alongside 2 others were the leaders in developing and patenting this tech. While I haven't looked extensively at how they are doing it, his video does mention something about using ultrasonic frequencies which our patents don't cover but BeepCard's (another Israeli start-up) patents very much do so. I'm sure they'll be looking into this pretty soon. For those of you interested in learning some more on the subject matter check it out here @ http://www.identita.com/produc... http://www.beepcard.com/produc... http://www.digipaygroup.com/

Comment This study seems factually inaccurate (Score 1) 151

Reading from the article: Visiting a pornographic website (40%) Clicking on a malicious link in a phishing email (56%) Allowing a family member to use a company-owned device (45%) Installing a malicious mobile app (33%) Are these numbers cited from each individual that was polled or from the entire group of 200 people? Furthermore, they don't seem to add up. Finally, I remember when some 20 years ago when I installed my first proxy cache with site blocking capabilities and it blocked almost all porn sites. Are you telling me that major corporations with over 500 people or for that matter even 50, don't have a site blocking package installed today? I call shite on a report paid for by a malware company whose primary goal is to sell the same crap that apparently doesn't work today.

Comment Re:You do not "need" a loud car (Score 1) 452

Always love to hear someone's opinion. Having grown up in a family where riding a motorcycle was commonplace, I can say that while I don't agree with people having straight pipes on their bikes I do understand why (other than the kids riding for noise). Today other people on the road, namely people in cars and those who have never ridden a bike could give a flying fuck about the other vehicles on the road that are on 2 wheels. I like cars because I was brought up in a family that raced cars and bikes. You likely were brought up in a family that rode camels but I'm not arguing your point, just agreeing we have differences of opinion :)

Comment Tesla Model S (Score 1) 452

I saw the Model S in the new wing of the Yorkdale shopping center in Toronto. Nice setup and even nicer women selling you the car. That being said, while I can afford the Model S, I won't be buying it. Its a really nice empty shell with a big screen and all but for that money I'd buy an Audi priced the same before a Tesla. Call me old school but I still need to hear the car go vroom.

Comment Nonsense (Score 2) 264

Online voting can and will become the norm in the future. Like anything else we do in our lives, implementation is key and the only thing between success and failure. Perhaps the good professor should look at this: http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/politics/provincialelection/article/1059558--internet-voting-in-advance-polls-a-great-success-in-markham-report-finds

Comment Accountability (Score 1) 601

"Emails cannot replace the spoken word.'" Sure nice comment for the CEO to make when he has people doing his actual emails/letters for him. However, in a real company, where real accountability with projects, employees and customers is required, the spoken word is nothing but that, spoken. When I ask a project manager why a customer compained about something not being done, and he clearly demonstrates it to me in an email, then I won't have to "take the spoken word" for it will I?

Comment Automation (Score 1) 588

The issue is not whether you need to learn Chinese or not. It's about whether you really need to go to China anymore at all. I've been in the electronics industry for 21 years. Slowly everything is moving out of Asia. First everyone was in Taiwan, now they outsource to China, now they have begun outsourcing to Thailand and Singapore. With the many advances in automation, both from a flex manufacturing perspective and final product packaging, there really is no need to go there anymore with the proper upfront capital investment back in Canada or the US. I figure in about 10 years, the only reason you'll need either Japan or Singapore is for high-value production materials that the Japanese have invested heavily into already from an automation perspective and that downward pressure and competition will make it worthwhile to still produce there. Again this depends on what you make but for the most part if you invest properly in your own equipment you can do it yourself here back home and employ operators locally to boost your own economy.

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