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Comment Re: Ways around this (Score 1) 494

While some see this as a consequence of living with a privacy-be-damned era where are your details are centered on a single carried device, it's always been the choice of US Customs to search your stuff.

Doesn't matter if you made an incoming declaration or not. Assets are assets--- and people forget that digital assets are still assets.

Is searching a phone like a body cavity search? Some equate these two. For me, the good phone stays in the US, and I take a burner with me overseas. I suggest foreign visitors to the US do the same thing, if they believe their private details should be above suspicion by DHS. Change passwords frequently. Don't use things like Facebook apps while traveling. Always remove your cookies and browser privacy info.

Then remind your friends to vote.

Comment Re:The end (Score 2) 85

Maybe just the opposite, the beginning of intelligence. The problems are garbage data, conflation, risk analysis with random failures, entropy, and just ignoring facts-- among so many other problems.

How far does an algorithm take bias until it's actually discriminating based on such things as gender, race, etc? We're in the very early stages of "big data" and we're doing a bad job of it. The problem is this: we'll continue doing a bad job until we have more transparency, IMHO.

Comment Re:Horse shit indeed (Score 1) 311

You have a rough life. You accuse mods of progressive liberal bias and then call me a liar.

Your capacity for rational conversation has left. You're entitled to your opinions, but selective citations of facts a body of knowledge does not make.

Although not a psychological professional in any jurisdiction, I'd say you have deep anger issues. Best of luck.

Comment Horse shit indeed (Score 1) 311

Have you any idea how much the google hashes have been mauled???

You cite an .au story, rather than attitudes in Germany that you initially cited.

This citation talks much more about health than schooling, or ACTUAL INTEGRATION outcomes.

Yes-- refugees and migrants absolutely come from horrific conditions. They've been bereft of resources considered basics in western culture. They're in need of help! Lots of it! The matter of politics that brought about their exit is meaningless, as the problem remains. This isn't about politics, rather, it's about humanity.

Cherry-picking pimped Google citations does not research make. Research makes research. Have a heart: these people are in desperate need and deserve the same life everyone else has, this generation and subsequent ones. I'm fine with Syrians, Iraqis, Iranians, (and just about everyone except actual terrorists) and am willing to lend resources, as resources were lent to my American ancestors. Pay it forward or pay it back, I'm good with it either way.

Comment Re:50 or so years? Hah! (Score 2, Interesting) 311

Citation, please? Indeed a lot of refugees are educated professionals, and read and write not only in their native tongue, but there are likely more than one of those.

The integration into Germany is pretty well documented, and no doubt there are a few problems, but not of the magnitude you infer. Merkel does a pretty good job of attempting to enforce real integration, not just pockets of refugees, having learned that from huge Turkish immigrations of not long ago. I dispute both the numbers, and their inference.

Millions upon millions of Germans, French, Spaniards, Italians, Eastern Europeans, the varieties of the Rus, not to mention Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Hmong, so many others DIDN'T SPEAK THE LANGUAGE and a generation later, their kids are largely homogenized. Their parents will stick to the old ways, just like C coders. Fine. They're good and upright citizens. We need skilled workers, and not so skilled workers. Real GDP needs actual people doing actual work at all levels. Let them come.

Comment Re:You couldn't make enough (Score 1) 406

They're early tech adopters, and this was certainly tech and not a steampunk, wind-up sort of watch.

It was and remains a niche market, indicative of that delightful 1-3% with the money and need for matching accessories.

It is not practical, it is not useful to most, and it appeals not to US and Canadians but to foreign nationals as a sign of ostensible geek chic.

The product is rife for damage (see eBay if you have any questions) and for most, isn't practical, especially given 1) battery life 2) costs 3) impinging on motion in all but social and "office" environments, and 4) lack of real and useful features.

These aren't typical consumers, you're right. And the practical slashdot reader stays far from such trivialities.

Comment Re:secret rules (Score 2) 189

You confuse corporate content, mostly bought and paid for, with untethered journalism. Most commercial media sway to the side that pays for them, just like the US Congress and Executive Branches.

There are those journalists, not lackeys of advertisers, that do real work dealing with real facts, and not that alt-facts poo. Glenn Greenwald comes to mind, although I wonder if some of his reporting is backlash spite for Snowden.

Clinton helped a perfect storm of idiots occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Av. We will not forget.

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