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Comment Re:Cancelled today (Score 1) 203

I live outside Raleigh and I switched to uverse about a two years ago, and as soon as one year went by I got an amazing deal from TWC for almost half what I was paying with them. I had to send them my last bill from uverse but it was deal I couldn't pass up. Uverse is now coming back with deals that are almost as good and I am just waiting for one a bit closer as I hate the TWC DVR interface and the internet is all over the place. Everyone else I know is paying over $130 for twc tv/dvr and standard internet, while I am getting the same thing for just over $70. Competition is awesome!

Comment Re:Dimmer Savior! (Score 1) 569

I have the exact same problem with my ceiling fans that have dimmers built-in with a remote (not a wall switch). The only CFL that don't have the "Not for use with dimmers" on the box are 4x the price and of the larger size where I need the smaller (more popular now) ones to fit on the fan and I only found them once at Home Depot over a year ago. Only online now.

The second place where CFL don't work properly are on motion sensor switches. I put one in my kitchen so I don't have to fumble around for the switch at night, and it does work for the most part but sometimes it flashes like a strobe after turning off. The same thing happened when I replaced two of my flood lights with ones that have a normal brightness when motion is detected and a low light for otherwise (on sale :)). Same thing, blinking like a strobe light with CFL buibs.

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Submission + - CompUSA closing 50% of their stores

twofish writes: "PCMagazine reported today that Computer Electronics retailer CompUSA will be closing 50% of their stores in the US and Puerto Rico.

"Based on changing conditions in the consumer retail electronics markets, the company identified the need to close and sell stores with low performance or nonstrategic, old store layouts and locations faced with market saturation," Roman Ross, chief executive officer of CompUSA, said in the statement.
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Submission + - Samba Success in the Enterprise?

gunnk writes: "We've deployed a Samba server here to replace some aging Novell Netware boxes. It works great: fast, secure, stable. However, we have one VIP that feels that Samba is "amateur" software and that we should be buying Windows servers. I've been searching with little success for large Samba deployments in enterprise environments. Anyone out there care to share stories of places that are happily running large Samba installations for their file servers? Or not so happy, for that matter — better to be informed!"

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