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The Almighty Buck

Journal Journal: Hey!!! Read This!

Are you reading this? If not, don't bother reading it. If so, good for you...

Journal Journal: This is required.

Hey, I'm using my Slashdot account. And now here's another pointless diary that nobody will notice and just waste space on the Slashdot servers. Yah for me because I'm using OS X for it too.

Journal Journal: Snow Sucks.

Ahhh....Snow really sucks and such. It's April fucking 7th and it's freezing outside. Hey God, knock it off; it's time to warm up the upper more snow.

Journal Journal: All Hail Jerry.

Hail Jerry, bow down before him. Worship the Jerry at the Church of your choice. Offer burned sacrifice to the almighty Jerry. Hail Jerry! Hail Jerry! Hail Jerry!
GNU is Not Unix

Journal Journal: Coldness sucks.

I hate the cold and stuff. It should never be cold. Global Warming is alright with me. It's too cold in Iowa already in January. Blah.

Journal Journal: Hey man.

I rule. I was wondering what it's like for everyone else; then I realized they don't rule. So who cares? I rule; once again.
The Almighty Buck

Journal Journal: Christmas Eve.

It's Christmas Eve and as I look to just check Jerry still rules. we got that down for now.
Christmas Cheer

Journal Journal: My journal rules.

I think I rule; although I'm not quite sure. I must ask my all wise and all knowing roommate wheather I rule or not; he knows every and such. Dude.I'm getting cool stuff for Christmas (I think) and I will rule the universe and let Andy Ricter control it and such.

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