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Comment Slack Time (Score 1) 336

I worked for New World Computing/3do (Worked on Might and Magic 3 through 8) and I must say their are upsides to the video game industry as well
There is the opposite of Crunch time, and that is slack time. Between projects or at the beginning of a project their was plenty of time to slack. We played lots of video games (obviously) and had lots of time off to make up for the intense periods of crunch time (sometimes 24-48 hours straight when working to meet a ship date).

I didn't have much of a life back then but it was probably the best job I have ever had. I enjoyed being at work and had great bosses and co-workers.

I would still be working in the industry if I could, unfortunately I moved to a place where their is no video game industry at all (Hawaii) but I make MUCH more money now than I ever did in Video games, so I guess its a trade off.
I have a great job now, but I don't enjoy it like I did with designing video games.

So Basically, the money isn't that good and the hours can be horrible, but the atmosphere of working in that field is wonderful. I have been playing video games for most of my life (30 out of my 40 years) and I don't see myself ever losing interest in video games.

Comment Re:Help me out here a little... (Score 1) 533

This is exactly the problem we have in Hawaii.
I work for Hawaiian Electric companies (Maui Electric) and this is the reason that we want the Public utilities commission to revisit the NEM program.

Since we are paying retail rates for energy generated by NEM customers, it is shifting the burden of grid maintenance to the customers without PV.
Our Minimum bills for NEM customers are about 18$ a month, this is not enough to cover the cost of maintaining/upgrading the grid.
We submitted a proposal to the PUC for a flat rate connection fee as well as wholesale energy production prices.

Also to note, Hawaiian Electric never "barred" solar NEM applications, we had to conduct interconnection studies on certain circuits as they were already over 120% of Daytime Minimum Load, we had to increase that limit to 250% of DML
we also had to request help from solar companies to make changes to their Inverters
. Also, we do require customers to pay for local infrastructure updates if needed in order to interconnect to the grid (additional transformers or other safety equipment)

Comment Re:13 Telescopes already at the Summit (Score 1) 228

Unfortunately, According to the UH website :

Note: The observatories are private research facilities and generally not open to the public. Stargazing is best done at the VIS, where we are equipped for visitors, have telescopes you can look through, and temperatures are much warmer than the summit.

so unless I break in :), I think I am out of luck.

Comment 13 Telescopes already at the Summit (Score 5, Interesting) 228

I live in Hawaii and am excited for the new 30 meter telescope. There are currently 13 telescopes at the summit of Mauna Kea.
This project has been in the works for 7 years, The local population that is against the building of this telescope has had that long to protest, but didn't actually start protesting until the project was already underway.
From what I hear on my Facebook feed from my Hawaiian friends is that they oppose the building of this new telescope because they consider Mauna kea a sacred place, as well as the sheer size of this new telescope.
The summit is sacred to ancient Hawaiians, so much that a kapu (Ancient Hawaiian law) was made that only important tribal chiefs were allowed up at the summit. (Breaking Kapu usually meant death).
So in old Hawaii only a select few were allowed up on the volcano. I don't know why anyone is complaining. in new Hawaii anyone can visit the summit and see the majestic views of the island as well as some amazing star-gazing at night.
I don't speak up on Facebook even though many of my friends are asking me to sign a petition to stop the building of the telescope as well as protesting locally (I am on Maui). Its hard since most of my friends are not very techy or interested much in science. I keep my mouth shut since I fear I will be ostracized for speaking my true opinion.
Only complaint I have, I really wish most of these telescopes were open to the public. I have never had the opportunity to look through anything bigger than a backyard telescope and it would be amazing to be able to see what a thirty meter telescope can do.

Comment Re:Why not keep classic forever? (Score 1) 2219

I agree, I have been on /. since at least 1999 and the best solution is just to leave the Classic option and you can do whatever you want with the "Beta" version of slashdot.
You have made changes over the years and I always go back to the "Classic" look of Slashdot.
I like the current density of information on the home page and do not want to scroll through 8 pages just to see 4 stories.
So make whatever changes you like, even make it the default view for new visitors, but for us oldtimers please leave us with the option to opt out.

Comment Re:This is horrible (Score 1) 237

This is horrible.
I have my Slashdot configured exactly the way I like it. I have been on this site for a very long time as well. Please do not force me to use the Beta design.

I tried out the beta for one story and could not handle it and went back to the classic layout.
I did not see any need to update the interface, I believe there is nothing wrong with the current design and do not know why you would change somethign that has worked so well. Please do not implement this new design. If it is implemented, I will no longer be visiting /. (this would make me a sad panda)


Comment Re:"MOVIN' ON UP"? Not up mine, you aren't. (Score 1) 268

I've never felt the urge to pile on with "off-topic" spam -- until now. We've tried lobbying, we've tried rational discussion, we've tried voting; none seem to have any effect. So, now, we're "movin' on up" to the equivalent of rioting in the streets.

And, yep, I'm signing my name.

I agree. I just checked out the beta real quick and it could not even load the comments.
I have been reading slashdot for 14+ years and I do not think that the site needs any sort of face lift
Get off my Lawn!
Please do not change Slashdot. I will not continue to visit this site if they default to this new interface.

Submission + - 125 kHz RFID Reader with RS232 Interface (

An anonymous reader writes: Toronto, Canada – GAO RFID Inc. ( is offering its low frequency (LF) handheld reader which is widely used in such applications as guard tour monitoring systems, remote equipment inspection management, goods delivery and transportation management.
This portable LF RFID reader, model 221008, features a working frequency of 125 MHz, a 20 mm to 30 mm reading distance and a fast identifying time of less than 1 s. The RFID reader provides an IP54 protection rating and data exchange ability through its RS232 interface. Additionally, this low frequency RFID reader is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery with low power consumption of less than 2 W in reading state and 0 W in idle state.
For sales inquiries please contact:
1-877 585-9555 ext. 601 – Toll Free (USA & Canada)
1-416 292-0038 ext. 601 – All Other Areas


Submission + - SPAM: Speech recognisation technology

seoall writes: A technology wherein a machine or program identifies spoken words and phrases and converts them to readable format. In more simpler terms, voice/speech is converted to text format.For details on SpectraMedi and Medical Transcription Services, visit: [spam URL stripped]
Link to Original Source

Submission + - Akoya Pearls (

rishabscc writes: Akoya pearls are one of nature's most beautiful creations. Find beautiful Akoya pearl jewelry here at affordable prices.

Submission + - Kid kills mom after she takes his PlayStation away ( 2

tekgoblin writes: 16 year old Kendall Anderson got into some trouble and got his PlayStation taken away by his mother Rashida Anderson. After a 90 minute argument with his mother over the issue he proceeded to enter her room while she was sleeping and hit her over the head 20 times with a claw hammer.

Comment easy for non techies setup (Score 1) 516

So will probably get modded "troll" for using a microsoft setup but here is what I use. Its easy for anyone especially non techies Xbox 360 a windows box (currently a laptop) Logitech harmony xbox remote Only problem pretty sure only 1080i can't remember but looks good enough The remote allows anyone one touch access to my media through the same remote that controls my entire living room entertainment center Its low cost (used xbox 360 arcade runs really cheap) My $0.02

Comment Re:"Your Rights Online"? (Score 1) 105

IANAJL (I am not a japanese lawywer) but perhaps he made a copy of the files to get around any "property destruction" laws because essentially all he did was "move" the files. And by using his own artwork he avoids any possible infringement laws. And by distributing it on a p2p network he really didn't illegaly access the computer as the user initiated the download themselves, will be interesting to see if they find him guilty of much.

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