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Comment Only possible problems I see.. (Score 4, Insightful) 399

How much does this road bend, also what kinda of deformation would we see from traffic. The current roads currently get grooves in them. But make a road that actually felxes, wht kind of effect would that have on the surface of the road? This to me would mean MORE maintaining the road, not less.

Also, what effects would this have on gas mileage of vehicles. If the road was givein way a little as say a semi or large vehicle was driveing over the road, to waht degree would it "sink" into the road? Would you be wanting to run more air pressure in the tires of the vehicle on these types of roads, to compensate for the flex inherant in this road? And over time, what effect would this have on gas. Another valuable resource.

Also, adding fibers into a road, could effect it's traction. Current roads, are rather random. If (through wear) all these fibers were to orientate themselves one way would this effect the grip these roads provided? Also, now does this fiber react after years of abuse, and oil contamination? If oil were to cause these fibers to swell, or if they were to absord it, I would imagine it would have negative effects.

But what the heck, it may just work. Imagine, no ccracks in the slab of your home anymore. All for only a few side effects (and probably 3x the cash).

- Ice_Hole

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