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Comment What a ripoff... (Score 5, Funny) 830

RIAA Goon 1: Okay, so we want to make a bunch more money because we're greedy bastards. How do we do it?

RIAA Goon 2: Let's sell CDs covered with heroin! Then they'll need to keep buying more CDs to get their fix!

G1: Although we're above the law, I don't wanna use heroin. It's expensive.

G2: Hmm... I've got it! Let's charge them for something they ALREADY OWN!

G1: Great Scott!! Like what?

G2: We'll tell those suckers that ripping CDs to MP3 players (especially iPods!!) is illegal and that they'll need to buy DIGITAL (ooooh the d-word) music for their MP3 players.

G1: Brilliant! Except, we already said that was legal when we sued Grokster.

G2: Well, say now it isn't!! The dumb consumers bend to us!! We are above the law!!

G1: Well, all right. Good idea, Jim. I'm gonna go now, I have $2.4 million from Britney Spears' latest album to roll around in and wipe my ass with. See ya!

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