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Comment Two premises (Score 1) 950

Zimbardo has two premises/theories and I would say one is completely normal behavior not warranting much further study (maybe a study just to disprove it) and another that probably warrants further study. Video and computer games making it distracting for young males in classes or work is just normal behavior. My experience with male friends and colleagues who both played games and those who didn't show it's really just a desire to do something more interesting than sit in class or spend time working. I've been in classes myself where I would prefer playing games, reading a book, or just walking around outside. It's not computer games that are making males distracted in class, but computer games have probably become most young males preferred recreational activity. The other premise regarding porn versus other romantic interactions has actually become a more popular topic of late. The premise is basically the entire point of the movie Don Jon starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as having difficulties with romantic relationships because how porn has influenced his ideas of romance. There is also a greater cry for study from people are trying to figure out if porn habits influence college rapes. I think it will be difficult to prove as a kind of chicken-egg scenario, but there will likely be a significant correlation.

Comment English is alive. (Score 1) 667

This article is something I've talked to people about before. There isn't really a good definition of what is English. We have conventions, but they change over time. This is because English is alive. As soon as a language is written down in immutable rules, it dies. Language needs to be able to evolve with the society that uses it.

Comment It's a 'Copy' right (Score 2) 201

Theoretically, a playlist/mix should be eligible for protection under copyright law. It's just that a copyright only protects a work from being copied. It's different from patents. If two independent people come to the same idea, there is no cause of action between them under copyright law. Someone needs to be able to show by a preponderance of the evidence someone copied someone else. It would be hard to prove someone 'copied' a playlist. It works with easier with recordings or specific songs, but I'm sure multiple people would create a playlist with both "Harder Better Faster" and "Get Lucky"

Submission + - Leaving your email in the Cloud isn't Electronic Storage (

Ibhuk writes: As many users of email, especially Gmail with the ever expanding storage limit, I leave my email stored online. I don't bother downloading every email I receive. According to the South Carolina Supreme Court this isn't electronic storage. This means most email users are not protected by the Stored Communications Act. All your emails are fair game so be careful what you write.

Comment Patent is different than copyright (Score 2) 178

Evidence of Samsung copying Apple could have been useful to support a showing of intentional infringement, but is unnecessary to support a judgment of infringement of a patent. Patent protection is a strong IP protection. It protects against any infringement of the patent no matter how it is derived. Copyright gives the IP holder protection from copying, so it is relatively week. If copying can't be proved there isn't a case for copyright infringement.

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