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Comment Re:More likely medical practice, not evolution (Score 1) 277

I consider this to be medical practice, not the body. My girlfriend wanted to give birth at home here in Vienna to avoid all of the clinical procedures that are forced upon women in hospitals. We had to go to hospital because the baby was "too big". The hospital staff did nothing to assist a natural birth and gave us no information before just doing their clinical procedures. Through the withholding of information and passiveness and unwillingness to support a natural birth, the hospital succeeded in forcing a cesarian. As we later discovered from an experienced , a natural birth would most likely have been possible with some exercises during labour and crouching instead of lying. The medical profession makes itself more and more important by withholding information, taking the decision making power away from the patient and forcing a much more clinical event than a natural event.

Comment Re:What if I don't want to own a car? (Score 1) 397

Of the $30,000, $5,000 is for automation and gadgets many people don't want.

Time should also be factored in. It takes me twice as long to get to work on public transport as it does with a car. My time costs $60 per hour. A one way trip to work more than compensates the $23.13 daily cost of a car.

Comment Re:Won't affect the majority of customers (Score 1) 274

It's the tip of the iceberg, the thin wedge that allows them to start down this customer hostile road. Soon that 5% will be 6, then 8, then 10, then 25, then ??? Verizon seems unable to fulfill their contractual requirements to customers, so they have sold something they don't have. I hope the throttled customers sue!

Comment Re:Dissappointed (Score 1) 291

As an Australian, I am delighted with the decision of the Government. The carbon taxes are nothing more than a means for beating the drum of how much the "environmentally friendly" country has reduced it's emissions through the moving of high emission productions to poorer countries with few or no environmental protection laws or enforcement then importing those products with transport emissions which don't count to the emission output of the rich country. How should that help the global environment? As for joe average installing alternative energy technologies in his house, the law dictates that every new house and every bought house must have a solar hot water system installed. The excessively cost of electricity in Australia is not justifiable, so joe average has no choice if he wants to keep his costs tolerable.

Comment Re:Sunshine is the Cure (Score 1) 163

Changing to daylight saving is the worst type of jet lag for me, I suffer normally for two-three weeks of tiredness and sleep disturbances with this pointless change. I fly between Europe to Australia occasionally and have no problems at all, my body seems to "feel" the difference and adjust. Leave the clocks alone this Autumn.

Comment Re:Need more information (Score 2) 497

Similar idea, get your number converted to a very expensive toll number and keep them on the phone for as long as possible. For as long as they don't work out what they are paying for, you make lots of money at their expense. Get yourself a secret mobile number that you give only to your friends.

Comment Re:At what speed? (Score 1) 722

The article says that human drivers "accelerated and braked significantly more sharply" than when the google computer drove. So they took someone who needs to get to the next red light as soon as possible rather than a calm and patient driver. The results can be easily manipulated, and most probably have been.

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