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Comment Re:Does that include Women Porn? (Score 3) 390

Is this even a thing? People jerking it in coffee shops? I've been using the Internet in public spaces all around the world for many years now and I've never ever seen it. If you don't have Internet access that's one thing but it would seem to me that if I was in that situation and I was that desperate I'd use a public access point to _download_ porn but not view it in the goddamn coffee shop. Obviously, the world is a large place and people do all sorts of strange things, but I'm hard-pressed to believe that this is actually common enough of a problem anywhere that there needs to be a response by ISP's or government or cafe owners or whatever to stop these dedicated cadres of cafe wankers from leaving unsanitary stains in coffeeshops across the country.

Comment Ironic NYT is Ironic (Score 1) 348

It's funny to me that the NYT posted this at all, because they're engaging in a counterfactual about what could have happened if they had done their fucking jobs.

Bradley Manning tried to get in touch with a number of traditional media outlets, the NYT included, before giving up on traditional outlets and just dumping the files to Wikileaks. He discussed this, and many other things, in a statement he read at his pre-trial hearing. The Times tries to blame their failure on Bradley, but the ball was in their court and they chose not to follow up on it.

Comment Re:Why he didn't submit to the NY Times (Score 3, Informative) 348

The funny thing is, he actually tried to go to them first. He tried the traditional media outlets and when none of them could be bothered to give him the time of day, he dumped the files to Wikileaks. He called the NYT before he went to Wikileaks, but they never called him back.

It's all in a statement he read out at his last pre-trial hearing:

Comment Re:The 'talk' (Score 3, Insightful) 299

This ignores the fact that Iran was a key U.S. ally under the Shah and when the Islamic Revolution happened the United States immediately did an about-face and has been extremely hostile to Iran ever since. We supported the Axis of Evil Dictator Saddam Hussein (oops, that was more than 20 years ago, I'm not supposed to mention it because it never ever happened) against Iran in the Iran-Iraq war because we wanted Khomeini out.

Come on, has everybody already forgotten that we invaded Iraq because of "bulletproof evidence" that Saddam had an advanced WMD program? And then that justification for invading sort of just... fell off to the wayside when we occupied the country and picked apart the guts of his regime, and it turned out there weren't any WMD's, and the intelligence turned out to be fake?

The United States wants regime change, they're just putting pressure on Iran. The Islamic Republic came into power on a wave of anti-Western (well, more like anti-Western-imperialism) sentiment and has distinguished itself to its people by not bowing to Western pressure, even under sanction. It is entirely plausible that they're committed to pursuing nuclear energy in the face of American pressure simply because they don't want to be seen to buckle to American demands.

Comment Re:Dupe? (Score 2) 59

That's not decimal numbering (where 4.10 would be a more precise expression of 4.1), it's literally 4 dot 10, where the ten represents the minor version number of KDE 4. Took me some time to get used to it, but other projects do this, too. The Linux kernel in particular does this.

Comment Re:Yeah, and? (Score 1) 105

"Anything between the exit node and destination is sent in the clear and likely they've made some mistake that'll allow it to be blockable."

If you'll Read The Fine Article, you'll notice that this particular botnet is using Tor hidden services to obscure the location of the command server; they're not routing botnet traffic through Tor to a command server on the clearnet; that would be silly, as you just pointed out.

Comment Re:If you’re 27 or younger, you’ve nev (Score 1) 623

Therefore the statement is patently false, and absurd.

I'm glad you latched on to the most important part of the meme (the GP was just parroting a meme which has been making the rounds lately), which was the problematic formulation, and not the message it was trying to convey.

Comment Re:Field Sobriety Test (Score 1) 608

Of course, I'm sure the stoner brigade can produce a plethora of studies claiming that weed is a fucking miracle cure-all with no downsides whatsoever, written by the same kind of biased researchers that produce studies showing that burning shit-tons of coal is great for the environment.

Yeah, because the same "stoner brigade" you just derided for being lazy fucks are also a well-heeled special interest lobby like the coal industry.

while I never was a full-time stoner myself, I did smoke enough to know that I sure as shit wouldn't have felt comfortable driving on it (or doing anything else that required concentration).

Of course, no stoner I've ever talked to claims that everyone can drive at any level of high-ness, but rather derides the idea that you can set a uniform standard like you can for BAC. Pot doesn't work the way alcohol does; it influences brain activity in much more subtle ways, and it effects everyone a little bit differently. Most importantly, it doesn't impair your ability to judge if you're capable of driving.

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