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Journal Iamthefallen's Journal: It's 5am on a Saturday, do you know where your kids are? 8

Mine are in my bed, I however, am not.

At some point Tammy got the baby into bed, makes sense since he enjoys a boobielicious snack around midnight. Around 3am Mercer crawls in with us, along with blankets, bottles and bears, oh my.

So after 15 minutes of being crammed in between the two, I give up and retreat to the couch. An hour later I'm in the kitchen making coffee and have given up on the idea of sleep tonight.

Is it too soon to send them off to boarding school?

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It's 5am on a Saturday, do you know where your kids are?

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  • There are compensations...

    But I remember these nights. Sympathies.
  • There's just nothing like being woken up from a sound sleep in the middle of the night by a swift kick to a testicle.

    I'm looking forward to that being more of an unhappy memory than a dreaded anticipation, too. :-/
  • Is it too soon to send them off to boarding school?

    Not only is it never too early, it is never too late. 17 years, 11 months, and 29 days just means 2 days of peace and quiet. More if you ship them out of state;-)

  • It's only 14ish years off, start preparing them to get in now.
  • Shouldn't Mercer be sleeping through the night yet?

    Our little one, which is just 2 months old is sleeping through the night on a regular basis. But even after a month and a week or so he was eating around 2-3am and then after we would wake up. Granted I know one couple at work their little boy was didn't sleep through the night until like a year and half.
    • Oh yeah, he usually is.

      If he gets up in the middle of the night it's normally after a night mare or some such and he doesn't want to sleep alone. So if I try put him back down in his bed we'll both just end up being awake for a long time. So usually I get more sleep by surrendering my bed to the others and retreating to the couch. Not this weekend though...

      We've also been really lucky with both of ours, they started pretty much sleeping through the night at around 6-8 weeks.

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