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Journal IamBMETammy's Journal: Chilly Sunday morning 2

All is quite in our household. The heir is busy playing with a 88 cent magentic drawing toy. The back up heir (or spare heir, however you prefer) is content as long as there is something near by that he can use to pull himself to a standing position. The husband is also playing with the 88 cent drawing toy (amazing how much fun can be had for under a dollar).

It is great weather. Cool enough to sip hot chocolate or rosehip soup, warm enough not to need jackets outside.

The husband is done destroying the bathroom, everything is gone except for the old tub. When I say everything, I really mean it. Even the ceiling is gone. But since we have no drywall on hand he's going to take the day off and we're planning a family outing. Not sure where we'll be out, but somewhere. Last weekend it was the zoo, we like the zoo. We fed birds, and enthusiastic goats. But sometimes it's nice to go somewhere new.

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Chilly Sunday morning

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  • Long Live Cool Mornings!

    It's only finally got cool enough here to leave doors and windows open.
  • I've been leaving the windows open, so most of the house drops to about 60 or so at night. It's a little chilly in the morning, so I've been running the dishwasher first thing so as to put a little bit of heat back in the house. :)

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