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Comment Re:CRAP (Score 1) 348

My apologiebs... I meant to say coaxial not toslink. My point is that the shielding provided by coaxial cables is useless in most environments, and any normal RCA cable will do an equally handsome job. When it comes to jitter correction, most DACs are eqippped with some kind of buffer which prevents the loss of data. The coat-hanger expression btw was simply a hyperbole. I certainly do not intend to do such a thing. Wrestling with a hanger to turn it into a cable is not my cup of tea. Think about it for a second. Even if you _need_ a coaxial cable, any cheap cable would suffice. The reason I hate monster cable is because they sell $200 cables which claim to drastically improve sound. If you want you can get a device that detects jitter, and compare cables yourself. People have already done this btw. Furthermore, there are some magazines that write things like, "the moment we switched to cable, the bottom-end came to life and the bass could now be felt." Can you smell the ignorance now?

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