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Comment Re:Was Not Impressed at All (Score 1) 955

"Also the lead writer had refuted the theory that everyone was dead, in purgatory, in heaven or in hell. Yet, at the end they're clearly in some sort of afterlife. " This is where you are mistaken. The "afterlife" or purgatory was the sideways world. The characters only went there after they died - however purgatory is "timeless" I thought Christian explained this bit pretty well to Jack. This is the secret the characters realized when they touched one another - they were dead and in purgatory. Once they were done with purgatory they were ready to leave - like Locke when I forgave himself and allowed himself to be fixed. Earlier when Desmond and Hurley bribe Ana Lucia Hurley asks why they don't take Ana - Desmond responds that she isn't ready yet. She still has to beat whatever is holding her back in purgatory. Ben makes a conscious decision to stay. I hope that clears up some of your issues with the purgatory thing - I do agree there were way too many unanswered questions (who got shot in the boat during the flashing sequences, Walt's significance, etc.).

Comment Re:Not a new warning (Score 1) 274

Yes, there is plenty of evidence it will matter to us. Sea level rise will cause displacement of coastal regions. Sea life will be screwed. More of Australia will be made uninhabitable. Here is a video of what will happen to the Ocean in a 2*C warmer world:

Comment Re:Not a new warning (Score 1) 274

"No, they changed "global warming" to "climate change" because idiots like you thought "global warming" meant that every single point on the planet would monotonically increase year-over-year, and to a lesser extent because "climate change" is more accurate anyway because the increase in carbon dioxide has other effects too, such as ocean acidification. Unfortunately, they failed to consider that idiots like you would think this is more evidence of a massive global conspiracy to steal your freedom and monies." This guy was being sarcastic? Because he is absolutely correct.

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