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Journal Journal: Updated Search-

Thanks to some here on Slashdot, and a bit of luck, I've managed to find all the music I was looking for.

Now to return the favour, if anyone is in search of 80s era metal (of all forms) let me know.


Journal Journal: In Search Of

I've been tracking down and buying the last Metal CDs I want, slowly converting over from cassettes and LPs. In my searches, I am still missing a few. I'm willing to pay *top dollar* for them. They must be in excellent condition, and originals (no bootlegs, or burns). The list is as follows:

Tarzen (self titled)
Indestructible Noise Command (first album)
Pandemonium (The Kill and Hole In The Sky)
Blind Illusion (The Sane Asylum)
Anihilated (Created In Hate)
Ded Engine (first album)
Phantom (Dead or Alive, NOT the japanese pressing)
Attila (Rolling Thunder)
Tension (Breaking Point)
Urgent (Thinking Out Loud)
Talas (Live Speed On Ice)
Annihilator (Alice In Hell)
Vicious Rumors (Digital Dictator)
Satan (Into The Future)
Sword (Metalized)

If anyone has any of these, post a comment here, and we'll discuss prices. Otherwise, e.mail me at


Journal Journal: March of Kings

I wonder, where did all the Metal go? And I'm not talking about todays "metal", crap like Spineshank, Slipknot, Linkin Park. Shit like that is more rap than metal. It's an embarrassment to have them even be associated with metal.

Real metal, the likes of which started in the early 80s and gained momentum from there, completely fell off the radar screen of radio and (empty)V when grunge hit.

Bands like Exodus, Cyclone, Destruction, Mayhem, Bathory, Venom and others didn't stop making excellent tunes, but their record contracts were dropped like hot potatoes.

Some couldn't deal with it and broke up. Others took a long hiatus. Still others, like Bathory went back to their homeland and started a genre (in this case, Nordic Anthem Metal) that swept the european metal scene by storm and spawned countless imitators.

When the delightful end to grunge (rot in hell Cobain, you nearly destroyed music as we know it) and the drug-related death of 'modern' rock singers, metal has made a wonderful comeback to American shores, albiet not in the strength it was in the 80s.

Real metal fans will be overjoyed to find stalwart bands like Venom and Destruction still producing first class metal (Prime Evil and All Hell Breaks Loose respectively)

Other bands like Exodus, Fifth Angel and Shok Paris are sadly no long with us, but their music remains and will far outlast the REM and N'Sync clones of today.

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Journal Journal: Chasing Amy

We have all, at one point in time or another in our lives, Chased Amy. I am no different. I just wish I could have caught her. Nonetheless my life was brightened immeasurably by the time we were together. LWG, wherever you are, this is for you.

She came to me I thought I'd found her
the girl of all my dreams
And until then I did not know what
happiness could bring
We laughed we cried side by side
the summers turned to years
But winter came the skies have grayed
from happiness to tears

She said she would never leave me
never let me go
But now she's left with me this feeling
so sad and so alone
She went away I tried to find her
I cried aloud her name
I realized it was goodbye
the heartache and the pain

Why did she go away and leave me with the heartache?
Why did she leave me with the pain?
If I could tell her so I'd tell her that I love her
and all my dreams have gone away
these Lost and Lonely Days


Journal Journal: Beats the stuffing outta me 1

BeOS user. Why? Because BeOS does all I need it to. After all, aren't computers just tools? Sure, they're fun tools, but what good is a tool if it has no use *for you*?

I don't like Linux. Nor do I care for any MS offering other than NT (lightweight Win95 shell look and feel, robust enough to use for extended periods of time.)

Why? Because as a tool, it offers no use for me. YMMV.

Right, enough in this journal thing. It seems like just so much electronic masturbation.

BTW: 1st post!

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