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Comment Re:How much RAM? (Score 2) 197

Power calculations is exactly why my latest home-built router uses an low-power mother board with an Atom CPU rather than something more power hungry. Not as efficient as some other options like this SOC, but it's still x86 so I had more options on Linux distros. In the end it was personal preference, tho.

Comment Re:The work of a video gamer? (Score 1) 1006

Driving a car is not protected by the Bill of Rights. I have no problem with requiring drivers licenses and registration on cars, but if an amendment to the Bill of Rights said I have an unalienable right to drive a car then those regulations would be limiting my rights and would be unconstitutional. The Bill of Rights trumps all other laws and regulations, period.

Comment Re:Linux, not necessarily GNU/Linux (Score 5, Interesting) 164

What he said. They sue people distributing their code without source. For instance, Linksys routers. If it wasn't for them standing up for their copyright and the GPL we wouldn't have all the nice alternate firmwares like DD-WRT, Tomato, etc. I've never hear of Busybox ever suing an end user.

Comment Re:Google should then provide signed certs (Score 4, Informative) 299

Yes. My dovecot server is configured with a Class 1 from STARTSSL and Gmail is happy with it. You just have to remember to use the "Server Certificate Bundle with CRLs" provided by STARTSSL in the ssl_ca option so that the chain to CA is complete.

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