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Comment Audio (Score 1) 111

Bluetooth audio should finally sound like a cable was used, instead of the existing weakened dynamic range, which removes any "punch" from mucic.

Comment Re:Fake news? (Score 5, Informative) 410

China is now a one party capitalistic country run by engineers, not lawyers. They don't have free healthcare. People need to work to make a living. It's like a condensed version of the US, without freedom of speech. One thing it's not any more is a truly communist country. Their one party just happens to still call themselves the communist party. Within that one party are different viewpoints that are discussed. It's not your father's China anymore.

Comment Re:Either Netflix is screwing with my mind... (Score 1) 161

You're not senile. Netflix continually recommends that I watch what I've already seen, sometimes to continue watching and often to watch again. I dislike this type of homepage. They do have a lot of decent "original" TV shows that are international. I don't watch subtitled shows. I prefer dubbed in so I don't have to sit and watch every second. There are some good British shows, like Spotless.

Comment Re: Throwing in my vote for a Thinkpad (Score 1) 284

ThinkPads are quite reliable, in my experience. We haven't sold many from our small shop, about 25 in six years. Only one has had an issue, and that was due to the customer using in on the ocean in his boat. The copper was oxidized. Still, the only thing that didn't work was the touch pad. The track point still worked, so it was usable. My wife and I use ThinkPads. We find them to be quite reliable. Linux Mint works well on them also.

Comment Average income down, fewer people working (Score 2) 533

These are not the hallmarks of a thriving economy. The US economy is in a sickly state, with too many part time jobs with no benefits. We need to stop shooting ourselves in the foot. The fact that the numbers look like an improvement is a bit like a doctor telling a patient wife that he's not sick any more. He's dead. The US needs to get healthy before it dies.

Comment Re: Finally, the gloves will come off! (Score 1) 1057

I totally agree with you. The US has been pussified. If it doesn't stop Islamic refugees, the US is setting itself up for the end of religious freedom. Sharia law respects no other religion than Islam. Any foreigner that offers value to the growth and prosperity of America is welcome. Refugee's offer nothing. They need to stay and rebuild their homeland or let Saudi Arabia take them in.

Comment In one year Windows Phone will be a ghost town (Score 1) 123

Only one more year to wait to see how well, or poorly. x86 programs run on Windows Mobile devices. The problem will be that, I presume, that only 0.1 percent of Windows Mobile will have the horsepower to actually make this a useful thing to do. Looks to me like a Surface Phone could come out at the end of 2017 that will do the job with outstanding hardware, a high price, and will sell very well. Anything else will be ignored.

Comment Problem is customer service (Score 1) 109

Wal-Mart customer service employees never seem to have any sense of urgency when I have an issue. They appear comptent and are usually pleasant enough. They just don't move very quickly. How will Wal-Mart make sure that tainted food issues are handled immediately by people that are used to treating everything one way. Will there by a hotline, or are we expected to return with a receipt to customer service, who then may or may not act quickly. A plan doesn't work if the human training isn't complete.

Comment Not surprising (Score 3, Interesting) 80

This is in no way a surprise to learn that the chemicals on the hand that picks up and handles the phone are also on the phone. I wonder who paid for this study and what agencies the scientists are hoping will continue to fund further research that further proves that when you touch something you transfer what you had on the surface of your hands. Are they hoping that law enforcement supports their work? This might be useful where burner phones were used in a crime and were wiped to remove prints. Outside of that scenario, I don't see another practical use for this analytical method..

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