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Comment Why not ask Netflix? (Score 2, Insightful) 175

Asking readers what a company that they have no part in managing is simply asking for opinions, or desires. I suggest that if Slashdot really wants to know the answer that someone be assigned to visit Netflix and ask around to find out what rumors the employees have heard. This information will likely be the most correct.

Comment Not a big deal (Score 1) 145

The only problem I see with SMS codes is that if you don't have your phone you can't log into your MS, or other, online account from a new device. If you do have it, receiving the SMS is simple. Why would someone steal an SMS double authentication code? They can't do anything with it, except annoy the person waiting for it.

Comment No thanks, again. (Score 4, Interesting) 374

I've found Edge to be unstable on many sites. It's also slower than Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. The biggest issue I have with Edge is that I cannot add uBlock Origin as an extension, which reduces data usage and speeds up browsing. Edge is a real POS that should never have been released when it was. Edge being the default browser on Windows 10 is what helped Chrome become the most widely used desktop browser. Microsoft will do and say whatever they can to try to win people back to the MS browser camp. No thanks.

Comment Re: YOU HAVE TO GO BACK (Score 3, Insightful) 278

Historically, the "good" ones are silent when Islamist terrorists act. How many mosques have you seen speak out against ISIS and Islamist terrorism? The Islamist terrorist activities are encouraged by their "holy" books. I have always viewed Islam as the religion of evil, not of peace which is what they falsely claim. Recent activities have only strengthened my belief that the world has 1.3 billion people that either kill "infidels" with impunity, want to kill them, or silently support the killings. Muslims that see the light and denounce evil are no longer Muslims. I encourage everyone to read the Koran. See for yourself how Muhammad went from founding a movement that was encouraged to get along with others, down the path of insanity where he directed believers to kill those that did not convert or follow the laws that Muhammad set for them. The Western world has been shielded from this truth for too long. We can share a planet. We cannot share a country with these folks.

Comment Eu is too big (Score 0) 194

This kind of corruption is what happens when federal government bureaucracies grow too powerful. If the EU didn't exist there would be country to country competition. The UK may wind up being the technology leader in Europe in ten years if the remaining EU allows telco extortion. Then watch all country-exit happen leaving an empty EU.

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