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Comment Re:Yahoo too (Score 1) 96

Yahoo is the Internet equivalent of a store that was completely looted. There are only broken packages on the floor. The store manager orders a new video camera to prove he's sincere about security. Yahoo has already been cleaned out. Anything they do for now that is useful, will improve their image.

Comment Re:Who's Which? (Score 4, Interesting) 178

The problem is not unclear. It is, however, non-specific other than innumerable issues were caused by Windows 10 upgrades where drivers weren't available or worse. Our shop estimated that about ten percent of our income for the past year was Windows 10 related, most were problems. One was quite serious when a Microsoft GWX notification came up and informed a local Township treasurer than her Dell XPS Windows 7 laptop was compatible with Windows 10 and was ready to be upgraded. It was not compatible, as she painfully learned. The Windows 10 Pro installation prevented booting due to a fingerprint reader driver not being updated by Dell, and Microsoft did not design Windows 10 to automatically install the existing driver in such cases We did a clean install of Windows 7 to get her up and running again. Dell's website clearly stated that her XPS model should not be updated to Windows 10. And yet somehow Microsoft did not get the message, or simply didn't care to check with all OEM databases for compatibility. There must be many thousands of stories like this one where a properly functioning PC was rendered unusable thanks to Microsoft's lack of quality assurance with Windows 10.

Comment I believe in working to make things better. (Score 5, Interesting) 537

As a coatings chemist, then Technical Director, I developed the first low VOC waterborne coating for computers that lowered the bake from 30 minsutes at 350F to 30 minutes at 150F. I knew the otherwise thermoplastic resin self-condensed (crosslinked) at 140F, so no hazardous melamine or urea were needed to develop the office chimerical resistance (cleaners, foods) that was specified, either. This was around 1978. It was developed originally for Digital. Customers took forever to approve it even though it met their specs. How could a low polluting. energy saving waterborne acrylic be as good as a high temperature bake polyester coating with 6 pounds of hydrocarbons per gallons? Give the younger techies an opportunity to try new ideas. Let them make a little dent. All the little improvements add up to less energy use and cleaner air.

Comment Re:Or he could just use one of the free cell servi (Score 1) 337

I tried Freedom Pop a couple of years ago. It isn't free. The phone was $119 for a used low end Samsung that was worth about $10. Calls, nearly all of them, sounded like the person I was speaking with was under water way too often. Until I read, from trustworthy sources, that Freedom Pop has indeed turned the corner and has a quality service, I'll not recommend it to anyone. The customer support was absolutely horrible, and could not solve any of the problems I had. In fact, my last call to support, the service rep said he couldn't hear me, shortly after denying that they had any issues.

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