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Comment Google accounts are used (Score 2) 83

There are no specific examples of what issues the data collection has created. A Google account is required. Anything entered when setting up the account is used to identify the student so if their Chromebook breaks, they can be assigned another one, login, and be up and running rather quickly. Homework is stored in Google's cloud and checked there by the student's teachers. This story seems like FUD being spread to get schools and parents worried about something that should be of no concern, just as Microsoft is releasing their new Windows Cloud Chromebook competitors. The timing may not be coincidental.

Comment Re:Could climate science be affected, too? (Score 2) 123

When there are a high number of faked peer reviews, and the public learns of them, I expect a growing number of "science is wrong" and flat-earth thinking in reponse. I see it more all the time on social media. We need to be criminally punish these fraudsters. A slap on the wrist isn't enough.

Comment Schools won't want it (Score 3, Informative) 89

Chromebooks are successful because if one breaks you simply give the kid another. When they log in it'll quickly be their machine again. Windows is going to be to slow to repair/replace. Even the best they can do is come within 25% of Chrome's boot time. Nothing Windows is "fast". I don't expect any OEM's to use a high end quad core CPU, just Celeron J1900 and AMD 5350 types. I see no advantage to end users here. Microsoft is again grasping at straws.

Comment Sponsors? (Score 2) 215

This reeks of being sponsored by the sugar industry. Those bastards paid Harvard researches in the 1960's to leave out sugar's being a cause of obesity and to shift the blame to fat. The result is a diabetes "epidemic", likely fueled by excessive sugar consumption taxing the pancreas until it no longer controls insulin levels properly. Any "study' like this should be suspect. How can an artificial sweetener that is not absorbed by the body, like sucralose, have any physical effect, unless the brain hates being tricked and is getting even.

Comment Re:Here's an idea: Increase the H-1B cap (Score 5, Insightful) 136

Don't be a fool. The talent pool in the US is very deep. Employers don't want great workers that can leave of their own free will. They want indentured servants that have no recourse but to stay in the job they're brought in to do using the H-1B visa. Again, it's not about finding homegrown talent. It's about legally oppressing the workers as much as possible.

Comment No up to date firewall? (Score 4, Informative) 230

I've seen municipal systems that were set up years ago without any hardware firewalls, just Windows XP. They ignored my advice to harden the systems. It's alarming that towns are not fully proactive about their municipal Internet-of-things. This alarm system in Dallas is simply mischief that points out the flaws in one system. Other systems, some critical to a town's functioning, are still vulnerable. Politicians are mostly dumbasses that run on ideas, but once in office are dumbfounded, dazed and confused., on all levels of government.

Comment IBM Tech Support was horrible (Score 2) 93

I bought OS/2 Warp with the intention of loading it on the 20 PC's at the company I worked for. The problem is that when issues occurred and I called IBM support, they were out of the office. They only worked one shift, five days a week. Do, any real work on weekends or at night couldn't have supplier support ASAP. I dumped it after a couple of weeks, on the sole machine I had it on, mine, due to growing crashes that IBM support, when I did get a hold of them were like "get start over" Nope. OS/2 deserved to die due to corporate suckage. I installed Windows 95 beta and that's when we went with. The Windows 98 beta, when it became available, ran so well that it was installed on most PC's before being finalized. This is only the story of one company with very specific software needs that IBM screwed up and Microsoft did a great job on. Note that I dislike Microsoft these days, due to the final QA layer they pushed on Windows 10 Home and Pro users.

Comment They can't understand (Score 1) 360

A Hollywood movie experience is not the same one as your typical sticky-floor cinema. When the stars attend a showing, it's an event where people go to watch it. No slobs are present and the place is likely immaculate. That's a lot like my home Netflix based movie watching. Thanks for your suggestion anyway.

Comment Are they vested in the company? (Score 1) 231

Employees generally have the right to express a non-attack style opinion, on the job. Except for invaluable employees, managers, executives, or part owners, it makes no sense to give all employees a say in how a company is run. That's not not how business works. If I hire a worker, I welcome their opinions, But, unless they're hired to manage a specific area of my business, they can't hold the reins.

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