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Comment Re:This is why (Score 1) 461

So we are to trust the government to help us out? Give me break. Did you read the story about the top 10 richest members of congress. I read it and am like they all need to be thrown the hell out. Getting rich off everyone else and the list of entitlements is a joke. They need to all take a 50% pay cut and their pension should have to be used to reduce the deficit. You would be amazed how quick the government would clean up if they all weren't getting paid such high wages for useless work. Lobbyists outlawed as well. Too bad that idea won't fly in DC huh?

Comment Re:BillG hated the concept! (Score 1) 404

Maybe Windows Vista and XP gave you this problem but Windows 7 works fine with hibernating and waking up reasonably well. Windows 7 is everything windows should have been if they didn't rush Vista out the door. And yes I do have and run Linux on my desktops as well as at work. Each OS has its place and function as well as pros and cons.

Comment RFC'd to death (Score 1) 168

As someone who works in software support we get customers who try to beat us over the head with RFCs. It would be awesome to compile a good way to look these up as I have tried and it is a piece here and piece there. The software engineers have a list of RFCs they have to use for a given protocol. This should be a good project for someone from the IETF or who is in control of the RFCs to have a good search engine to look these up and mark ones that are obsolete or have a newer RFC apply. Dogpile seems to work a little better looking up technical things I have found but still lacking.

Comment You have got to be kidding (Score 0, Troll) 222

Give me a break. Seriously this guy expects the government to buy him a video game system? Don't let this spread to the US as there will be an idiot somewhere who will try this. At this rate people are going to expect the government to buy them a phone (oops already does in US) a house (already does in a sense in US) and now a Wii. They keep this up and I will have to get "injured" and not be able to work anymore so I can sit on my A$$ and get all these freebies. I have worked over 24 years I deserve it. They can go to work now and support me.

Comment This is just stupid (Score 1) 262

Obama kills the constellation program and then starts a new initiative. Is this so he can claim it was his plan instead of Bush's? Sorry but I don't buy it. Fund NASA fully and return the funding for constellation and get back on track. The US should not have to rely on a foreign power to get us to the space station we financed a large chunk of. Extend the shuttle missions to keep things going if we have to. NASA has been one of the best things to come from the US and to mothball it to the point of working on Toyota's mystery gas pedal issue is just an insult.

Comment Comcast interfering with competition (Score 1) 134

The FCC should be able to do something. As a Comcast subscriber my Vonage telephone service stopped working reasonably well when they took over the cable internet in my area. When I was with my local cable system before they were bought up I never once had a problem making calls. Miraculously shortly after they took over and starting offering their own service Vonage was no longer useful. This kind of BS needs to stop. They can run out any competition by limiting or putting their service on a higher priority should be justification alone for a class action suit. Of course Vonage is in enough trouble and was of no help in getting it resolved so I discontinued their service and went cell phone only.

Comment This will continue to go up` (Score 1) 370

It was stupid to retire the shuttle. NASA should design an updated version that can use the same parts for 1 shuttle and work on the Constellation program. ARES 1 was tested and looked good. Then the hatchet job. Get the engineers on the same page/project and restore funding. Otherwise the costs of Russian transportation will continue to go up and be less and less cost efficient. America needs to stay in the Space Exploration arena. We need to keep the engineering talents and develop new talent. Funding private sector projects does not promote this much. NASA is one of the best things we have in the US. We can only hope in less than 3 years the country wises up, votes in a new administration that sees the value and restores funding for NASA and stops making apologies for the US being a great country. Enough said.

Comment Re:Uh huh, terrororists (Score 1) 367

Socialism is on the rise in the US. This is just another story of government over reaching in to the lives of the population. First health care now privacy. Next they will tell you what to eat, where to work, when you can go outside. Big brother here we come. At least for the next couple of years until the people wake up and vote these idiots out of office that come up with these stupid laws. *sigh*

Comment Re:You know... (Score 1) 345

Because they make no money on used games. If used games were not available people would be forced to buy the new product in order to play. That is their outlook on it. It costs money for game development and marketing but they make all that when the game is new. You are going to see more of this as time goes on. With Blizzard (warcraft) you could sell the game cds to a person but they would have to take over your account and without Blizzard catching on. That would be hard to do I suppose. Haven't tried it although I have no reason to as I still play.

Comment This is the wrong way to go (Score 1) 2044

They do need to fix the healthcare system we all know that. But a government take over is not the answer. Social Security as well as other government controlled services are any example when the Federal Government gets involved it usually screws things up even worse. The main stream news media echos this administration on all the information they put out. We have a right to questions these numbers and I am also in full agreement with Mark Levine that if congress passes this bill it should be immediately challenged in a court of law. To pass a bill that is not finished is not constitutionally correct and legal. Just have the up or down vote and you will see this will fail to pass. They know this. They are trying to buy off people to push this through. The whole problem with this program the way they have it setup is the working class will have to bear a lot of the cost. The wealthy will get hit even worse. I am sorry but I don't agree with that. It is not a sin in the country to be wealthy and we should not be able to force them to pay for something more then a fair share. Until this country cleans up the entire system (Welfare, public aid, illegal immigration) this should not pass. I for one have a problem with taking money from my check to pay for healthcare for someone who is not a legal citizen in this country. When this gets passed the flow of immigration will increase even more as we will get over run. Just watch and see if this passes besides bankrupting the country. I know this post will probably get alot of people angry or disagree but it is everyone's right to speak their mind/opinion in this country. I for one will be watching and if my representatives vote for this I will be voting to get them out of office when their terms come up. 70% of polled people are against this but they still want to pursue it. WTF?!?

Comment Avast versus free ISP commercial versions (Score 1) 896

Previous versions of Avast also required registering but they would send the key string usually in a few minutes of registration. I used it up until my ISP offered a commercial version for free. My whole family uses computers but none want to be bothered with running scans or updating antispyware so they have the free commercial version. It does slow the machines down a little but they are no longer bothered with having to do tasks as they are done in the background. If I get a virus on the systems then I may go back to avast but for now Symantec is ok.

Comment Re:Maybe Apple should pay their royalties first? (Score 1) 434

I hope they get a decent judge that throws this out like the garbage every week. Just because Apple is now the big boy on the block for mobile phones they are going to threaten others. They "reinvented" others IT and now they think they own it. Its like copying the delay windshield wipers on cars not that many years ago or cruise control.

Comment Re:What would happen... (Score 1) 122

Computers (PCs) would cost roughly 3 times as much as they do today. CPU costs would be off the chart. When there is no competition prices soar. Also we would probably just be getting dual core cpus with maybe 2.3 ghz instead of the quad core 3 ghz models. Not to mention that apple would probably have far more market share because their pricing would have been way more competitive. Whether buying a ready made PC or building your own Money vs performance is always in the mix.

Comment Re:yes (Score 1) 1049

I would agree. Who cares if it is a @aol.com or @live.com or etc. As long as it is a VALID email address and doesn't have party or some obscene name in front of the @ symbol who cares. Look at the quality of the resume and the experience. If you filter based on the email you may miss an employee that not only fills the bill but will work beyond the expectations of the job. How do I know? I am indirectly involved with interviewing candidates at my job. I look at the whole picture before adding it to the consider pile or the round file.

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