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Comment Windows and IE6 (Score 1) 233

I support windows on a daily basis. I find that it is named aptly as it is easy to break just like a window. Too many moving parts and the clowns at my office rush to deploy things they do not understand and it of course has ramifications that are long reaching and take a very long time to fix. This coupled with the fact that they deploy in mass and do not even verify it went without any problems only intensifies the affects. So with that many moving parts and the fact that it has issues, that MS screws with everything with each new release including the CLI, has seriously screwed with perms everywhere and finally the new feature where it send info on how you are using the software and a multitude of other data that I cannot locate specifically YET. For these reasons and having to learn everything all over again moves me to learning something else. Linux is something that I am moving toward. Yeah sure there is this standards thing between versions, but for the most part the CLI isn't all that different and I can count on it. So back to IE, firstly never tie your browser and your OS that's asking for trouble in my opinion. Browser flaw leads to OS flaw and vice versa. Why would you set such a thing up. Your browser is a public facing application, your OS should be a private facing matter. MS has made the OS more secure? Hmm, well the browser still functions as it did and it's so secure now it takes a multitude of tweaking to access COM+ items just to fix them. If you are going to make that kind of move ensure that your COM+ items don't need fixing. If I were the UK I'd be looking for another OS. I myself am moving to Linux on all the home machines. Sure I'll have to learn something new, but I am being forced to do that every few years anyway on a much grander scale, so I might as well move to something that I can bank on it's foundation not changing so much.

Comment Re:Pfft. (Score 3, Interesting) 308

Actually, I think it's funny someone did research on this. I was doing this before video games were around. There was this movie either in the 70's or 80's where a kid was being haunted by a real guy in an experiment with dreams. By the end of the movie the kid ends up turning the tables on the aggressor, who in the dreams was a "snakeman" that obviously scared the $#!@ out of the kid. Anyway, after that movie some time down the road in my life I started doing sort of the same thing. Falling in a dream and realizing that it was a dream and deciding to stop. Once that happened I was able to turn things into what I wanted. Long story short, it can happen. If you can do it it's great and can be compared to when Neo simply stopped running and said no. Just a matter and realizing you are in a dream and thinking of how you want things to be.

Is the Linux Desktop Getting Heavier and Slower? 1555

Johan Schinberg writes "Bob Marr wrote an interesting editorial about what many of us have have noticed lately: the three most popular Linux distros are getting "fatter" in terms of their memory footprint and CPU demands for their graphical desktops. Fedora Core 2 isn't usable below 192 MBs of RAM while Mandrake and SuSE aren't very far off similar requirements either. There was a time when Linux users would brag that their favorite OS was far less demanding that Windows, but this doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Modern distros that use the latest versions of KDE and (especially) Gnome feel considerably heavier than before or even than Windows XP/2k3. Sure, Longhorn has higher requirements than XP (256 MB RAM, 800 MHz CPU) and the final version will undoubtly be much more demanding, but that's in 2-3 years from now. For the time being, I am settled with XFce on my Gentoo but I always welcome more carefully-written code."

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