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Comment Re:Knowability (Score 2, Insightful) 426

Beagle Bros Apple II Peek & Poke Chart FTW! Good memories dinking around with that.

The professor does have a point. I remember writing one of my first BASIC programs. All it did was wait for a key to be pressed, then fill all character positions on the screen with that letter. I could watch it go line by line. Then I wrote the same program in 6502 assembler. The entire screen of characters changed instantly, as fast as I could type. A feeling of awe and sudden empowerment rushed through my veins. Fun stuff.

Comment Re:Worth every penny ... (Score 1) 377

Your last sentence just killed the premise of your post. So, Slashdot is now invaded by angsty idiotic inept clueless poseurs who think they are geeks but are not, and...and...somehow these clueless idiots know enough to be aware that McAfee sucks. That seems to tell me that a growing number of people are becoming *less* ignorant and more savvy and knowledgeable about these things. If even the "clueless idiots" know enough to make fun of McAfee products, then maybe Intel's $7B purchase isn't such a smart thing. But what do I know, I'm just a socially inept clueless poseur pseudo-geek.

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