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Comment prepare for low battery situations (Score 1) 307

Since you didn't complain about poor signal strength, I'll focus solely on the issue of running out of power. When I had a phone with replaceable batteries, I carried two extra batteries that were always fully charged. Even with opportunistic charging habits, I would regularly swap out to a fresh battery in the early/mid afternoon. For the few times a month I went through both extra batteries, I had a 20k mAhr external battery pack I would fall back on. With this setup, I never ran out of power. I have the RAVPower battery pack and have been immensely satisfied with my purchase. I've also have heard very good things on the Anker line. I used this setup for over two years successfully. For the past 3 months, I'm using a current gen smartphone without an interchangeable battery (or SD slot! life sucks). I've been relying on a mophie battery case and the battery pack to get me through the day. Honestly, I haven't had to use the battery pack as the energy drain during the day is significantly less and the mophie has been sufficient to keep me charged up.

Comment Re:Washington DC (Score 2) 162

The primary issue between overhead and underground is the time and cost. The conversion cost from overhead to underground is tremendous and quite frankly, rate payers don't want to pay for it. When the conductor fails (or insulator for underground), the time for repair is also significantly higher. Regarding reliability, redundancy is how most utilities address it. Power feed redundancy can be addressed on distribution circuits can be fed from either end, midpoint ties and reclosers. However, you'll need a large field force or automation to actually utilize the capability once installed, neither of which is high on the list of things rate payers want to pay for. Infrastructure age is primarily seen on the transmission and generation side.

Comment The gift of time (Score 1) 698

Video's are nice if you can't spend the time w/ her now. But don't spend too much time/effort on them, spend the time with her AND your wife. Memories are so much more important than a video. My condolences to you and your family. I've lost two immediate family members to liver cancer and have a significant increased risk to having it myself. This is a matter I've spent more time than most contemplating.

Comment criminal background check (Score 1) 720

Aka personnel risk assessments generally are time limited. My employer (for various reasons including the drafter, me, thought a forever check was asinine), limits checks to the previous 7 years. There is also an exception process for those that do 'pop' that includes a specific assessment of risk for the hire/employee to have a sensitive position. Depending on the conviction (fraud/theft is more of an issue w/ a trust based position), you just need an inside advocate, as hard as that may be.

Comment ironic (Score 5, Insightful) 326

that the quote appearing at the bottom of the page is Mizner's:

"If you steal from one author it's plagiarism; if you steal from many it's research."

As someone mentioned, it's not shocking the prosecution was politically motivated but shocking that they admitted it. I'll add that it's also not shocking that they think they didn't do anything wrong!

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