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Comment Re:He's right because VB6 is no longer available (Score 1) 581

I am sure if VB6 is still around instead of the VB.net. Most of the unemployed coal miners will be employ by companies that required quick and dirty solutions that just works. My company still have a VB6 program written by a guy with little education and very little programming experiences. He learnt VB6 in a week and create that simple program in 4 weeks. That simple program have been running for more than 10 years. The OOP have created unnecessary complexity and increase the learning curve. Many real world situation just need a simple approach to solve very simple problem.

Comment Why should they upgrade ? (Score 1) 641

Many companies are still using Windows XP because they have very basic needs. A Windows XP PC with barcode scanner, scanning data and sending the data to the database server. These PC are not connected to internet so they are quite safe from malwares. There are also many VB6 programs that run on XP. It is difficult to convince the management to spent money to upgrade the system since it doesn't really improve productivity or help the company save cost.

Comment Re:$300? (Score 1) 196

It is not a flaw, it is a feature. In case you forgot your login password, your brain is totally blank. That you would remember [blank] = [space] Type in [space] and you will be able to login. Unfortunately, you won't be using Xbox to login to shoot Nuclear missiles at Russia.

Good Language Choice For School Programming Test? 407

An anonymous reader writes "The Australian Informatics Olympiad programming test is being run in a couple of months. I'm an experienced programmer and I'm thinking of volunteering to tutor interested kids at my children's school to get them ready. There will be children of all levels in the group, from those that can't write 'hello world' in any language, to somewhat experienced programmers. For those starting from scratch, I'm wondering what language to teach them to code in. Accepted languages are C, C++, Pascal, Java, PHP, Python and Visual Basic. I'm leaning towards Python, because it is a powerful language with a simple syntax. However, the test has a run-time CPU seconds limit, so using an interpreted language like Python could put the students at a disadvantage compared to using C. Is it better to teach them something in 2 months that they're likely to be able to code in but possibly run foul of the CPU time limit, or struggle to teach them to code in a more complicated syntax like C/C++ which would however give them the best chance of having a fast solution?"

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