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Comment Re:No plans for LLVM (Score 0) 102

Also, I'm pretty sure GCC is the only compiler that requires the better part of an afternoon on modern hardware to build itself.

With parallel make, it only takes me about 20 minutes on a midrange 6-core system. Look at the -j or --jobs option. I usually use 1.5 times the number of cores for the number of jobs.

Comment Re:Last, and Dead Last (Score 1) 140

RAID 5 is good at losing a second disk soon after the first, even with a hot spare (which means you lose the array). I think the GP meant something like "RAID 6 should be the bare minimum", or perhaps "any level of RAID is not as good as having an independent backup system".

But I'd like to know what they actually meant, too.

Comment Re:Article and summary get it wrong (Score 1) 1075

DRM and keys prevent you from using your version of the software on that device. It does you no good to be able to change it if you can't use the changes. The developers have decided they don't like that idea, and GPL 3 ensures that anyone who wants to lock their device down like that will have to use some other software, instead of taking something open source and locking it down too.

There's nothing to stop Apple or anyone else from implementing something compatible; it just can't be the same code.

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