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Comment Re:What??? (Score 1) 332

The reason this is relevant is because I have heard multiple times that Sony is promising PS3 support until "2016" or the like. Also, just as Nintendo's technologically-weaker product started losing steam and the competition (which had been dominated until somewhat recently this generation) started to gain ground, Nintendo releases a new system that beats them at the very factors they excel in. Furthermore, MS dumped half a billion last quarter into promotion of their half functional, frankenstien-like "Kinect" product (in lieu of a new system), only to be upstaged by both Sony and Nintendo at this year's E3 by all accounts. Nintendo might just be in the process of pulling off a near level of domination not seen from them since the 1980s. At a minimum, they will be the market console leader for the next several years; that much is clear.

Comment Re:Does anyone else notice... (Score 0) 249

Then nearly half of all posters to /.(based on my experience) don't know how to do it, and nearly everyone on /. knows more than any given poster, and the poster should be ashamed of this. Compared to competing services, /. has become less relevant over time. By the end of this, the user base will consist of 3 "experts on everything" sitting in their parent's basements and debating over Fedora v. Debian.

Comment Does anyone else notice... (Score 0) 249

...that nearly every article posted to /. is berated by a never-ending series of comments indicating that the article is bad, the poster is bad, etc, in a decided know-it-all fashion? I enjoy /., and I enjoy how the community tends to generally be more well-informed than with other, similar sites, but nearly every single post is attacked as being incorrect. How on Earth is one supposed to post content? What does it take to please you people?

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