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Comment Of course you are right - but how to make it stop (Score 5, Interesting) 498

It's "cargo cult" requirements. People are so used to the security theatre of the password rules that when they come to specify what their system should do they put in all of this stupidity, They don't actually read NIST guidelines. Maybe we should lobby for some kind of certification mark - and the people who assess it would have some clues.

Comment Yes, remote team can build the wrong thing quickly (Score 2) 165

The reason you might want to co-locate is to get the developers to talk to the users. The "distraction" is then the interaction about what it's actually meant to do It's quite shocking to see the difference between messaging and video interaction, and face-to-face (sorry remote working advocates), I can remember the moment we turned up at a remote site after working on a project for six months and seeing the a-ha moment when they realized what it was for.

Submission + - Eagle is the natural enemy of the drone (

ICantFindADecentNick writes: Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) have become unlikely prey for wedge-tailed eagles in Western Australia's Goldfields, costing a mining giant more than $100,000 to replace its newest surveying tool.

Comment It's already out there (Score 4, Insightful) 157

As we know, censorship is really hard to do well. A copy has already been sold at auction And they quote some of the good bits: The trigger for writing the book was apparently his pique when the University of Washington asked him, as a distinguished graduate, to attend their computer sciences anniversary in 1992, but gave the keynote speech to dropout Gates. ... "he said of Gates, He is divisive. He is manipulative. He is a user. He has taken much from me and the industry..."

Comment Microsoft always gets GMT/BST wrong (Score 1) 253

Microsoft have never really cared about getting calendar details right. Whenever a colonial (maybe should I say yank to really annoy them - even though I know they're not all yanks) sends a meeting request it arrives saying GMT as the timezone for London instead of BST. You would have thought that they could get the hang of daylight saying as they have it too. You actually have to confirm with the other end and say: you know that meeting that says 1:00 pm GMT is really 1:00pm BST or noon GMT (actually I normally translate to whatever zone they're in) e.g 8:00 am EDT.

Comment Re:It was a big deal to 18th century astronomers (Score 1) 143

Maybe that explains why NASA put in all of the US state borders on their map as homage to Mason and Dixon. Don't know why they also did it for Australia though. Assuming that that isn't actually the reason, why the hell would you draw a map like that? It looks really weird - unless it's just an American aesthetic?

Comment An Old and Famous (and not very good method) (Score 1) 124

The binomial model is common in textbooks because it's intuitively appealing, but if you only apply it to basic European (exercisable at expiry) options then there really are better ways of getting a closed form solution i.e. the Black-Scholes (or Bachelier-Thorp ....) formula. If you want half decent pricing methods for more general cases then you'll end up with Finite difference or Monte-Carlo methods depending on dimensionality, at which point you've already given up on a closed form solution. One of the reasons that TFA is so unintelligible is it's an academic treatment of half of the theory of a non-problem. (and as others have already pointed out - it has nothing to say about how the finance industry operates).

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