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Comment Blah blah blah (Score 1) 86

Let's look at this new Twitter site, shall we? The only clickable links I can see are to follow Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. There is no explanation of what the numbers mean or how they're calculated, nothing. I'm not even sure what they were trying to achieve because the page has no information or context on it at all. This is garbage.

Comment Asinine (Score 3, Insightful) 228

Rights are for humans or citizens. This is another case of trying to failing to generate an interesting philosophical question by taking an existing issue and adding 'with a computer'.

If corporations are allowed to be people then surely they, and not their computers, are accountable for what the computers do.

Comment Re:Won't ever have a decent debate... (Score 1) 493

But this is exactly the kind of misunderstanding of evolution and selection pressures that science education should correct!

Populations evolve, not individuals. It's not so much that the organism "must first be adapted to the environment", it's that the only mutations which persist are adaptive. I'll grant that it's kind of a strange concept at first, but any inherent contradictions are illusory and most intro biology students (who have good teachers) eventually have the "a ha" moment somewhere in the first semester.

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