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Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 299

So, I'm replying to you but really I could reply to anybody here regarding this. I don't get why Keurig is being painted in such a bad light here. I mean the process is pretty standard, hot water being poured through coffee grounds, but there are a ton Keurig compatible coffee brands, like DD and Starbucks and all those. Isn't a little air-tight pod with coffee grounds preferable to a bag in your cabinet (or freezer) that you take from day to day over the course of a week? Wouldn't the Keurig be fresher and better overall? I'd like to say I could tell the difference between a Keurig cup and one I get from anywhere else. I put cream and sugar in when it's available so I'm sure that muddies the waters a bit as far as taste goes. Does it really come down to the quality of the coffee in the individual pods then, from each manufacturer or is Keurig really to blame?

Comment Re:3000? (Score 1) 151

Wish I had some points for ya. I've definitely noticed that people simply don't appreciate others working hard to get rich. They must assume it was by some shady means that they acquired some money. To them, the fact that this card came out and is expensive is somehow worse than it never coming out - even though the gamer wouldn't be buying the card in either case. Take any product that ever came out, and there will always be a most expensive version. Just don't buy that one.

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