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Comment YES YES YES (Score 1) 305

Gosh, let's hope so. I mean, who wants to think that they are a hateful person with intolerant views of people who differ from them. It makes sense to blame FB, Twitter, Snapchat and all the other crappy social media apps out there! It's the Software that's hateful and Not the Wetware. (It's the blame game gone mad.)

Comment The Obama Doctrine (Score 1) 223

POTUS Obama use this same strategy/tactic with the ailing USA automobile industry. Huge rebates for buying a New USA-Manufacturer's cars if you destroyed particular, older, gas-guzzling cars. Big boon to the failing USA car manufacturers and an attempt to keep the Government Motors'GM brand alive. It succeeded in selling a lot of Ford cars and damaged the user car industry for years with the added benefit that poor people (and others who purchased used cars) didn't have good, reliable, used cars to purchase. I shuddered to see a Federal Government destroying the engine in and older, but fully functional, Volvo saloon. Terribly wasteful and pitiful. Recycle the damn things and put them in the hands of people who need them. In this country and in other countries, these older. "retired" products can still be used and offer life. Damned Obama policy!

Comment USA requires subtitles -- why not Europe? (Score 1) 137

Under the ADA, broadcasters (of all sorts) have to provide a percentage of subtitled works. This is giving deaf and hearing impaired people access to all kinds of visual media. If effect, it gives the handicapped access to previously unaccessible media and the Media access to the handicapped. This handicapped group is, in the USA, a sizable market. Amazon Prime Video made a considerable effort to provide subtitles on the majority of their considerable library. I watched their progress and it was very quick. Netflix, AcornTV and others do/have done the same. The is a case of the USA being much more enlightened and advanced than Europe. The European Community should enter this century with a more enlightened view of the handicapped and commend those who are helping instead of punishing them.

Comment Past Performance indicates.... (Score 1) 193

Past experiences show that Microsoft hates to develop for 2 different platforms. They couldn't even support the differing Intel Pentium and Intel Itanium architectures let alone 2 different brands. (The AMD chips are trapped within the Intel architecture.) Whether M$ will drop ARM or Intel remains to be seen thought Intel has won all the previous battles.

Comment Re: Excellent (Score 1) 218

"For me being in a taxi means that if there is an accident I am covered every way from Sunday. " Only if you include the possibility of law suits, sharing settlements with attorneys, funds running out while the physical damage is still present. Neither taxi companies nor insurance companies have a vested interest in paying your claims and expenses without contesting them. and that's only if the taxi company is actually insured at the time you are damaged. If there is a one second gap, you are on your own -- for the whole tab if you don't have your own insurance. What a crock to assume you are "protected".

Comment Re:How is FILMING "speech"? (Score 5, Insightful) 180

An attorney told me that there is a difference between Asking and Ordering. Asking doesn't require an answer while Ordering does. LEOs can ask or order; the Citizen can respond appropriately. A Sheriff's Deputy told me that most civilians cannot tell the difference between Asking and Ordering. So they ask and are given information they want but are not legally entitled to. The task is to determine when the LEO is Asking or Ordering. It never hurts to ask for which the LEO is doing and responding appropriately. IMHO, much of the discussion here shows a misunderstanding of Asking and Ordering.

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