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Comment Re:Always wear a condom (Score 1) 71

That is the thing, the issues are dealt with a new device because the manufacturers like it that way - sustainable growth they say, omitting to tell you that is sustains the growth of sales, not the other way around. I don't want to buy a new device after each bug is fixed and throw an otherwise perfectly good one in the trash.

The USB-C connector was not available when EU standardized the port, and it has its own issues on the electrical side. Yes, it is better than the micro, and perhaps the mini, but I have devices with mini that I use consistently since 2006 and they all work just fine today, mixing their original cables.

  Yes, I know the design of the micro is supposed to support more insertion/removal cycles of than the mini, but it is wrong. There is just more material in the mini, and it is in practice much more robust. Out of the devices I have with micro ports, 6 of them had the socket detach from the PCB while pulling out the cable and more often than not, lifting traces along the way. It is pain in the behind to solder these back, and that works only if those traces are intact. The fact that nobody tells you is that micro connects are good for devices that will die in a year anyway. And most of the times the sockets are so cheap that I had friends push the cable backwards, because the socket's sides were not slated, and in the process damage the free standing pin header.
As much as I don't like to admit it, the lighting connector is probably the best from material, durability and electrical perspective. Too bad it is encumbered with patents and DRM.

Comment Re:Always wear a condom (Score 1) 71

It doesn't matter. The handshake has already taken place at that point. Do you think it is fail safe and bug free? No it isn't.
  The EU commission made a very retarded decision to push phone manufacturers to the faulty by design microusb port for both data and changing. Charging should have been on a standardized barrel jack with varying voltage - 3 to 48. And data should have been standardized on the much more robust port mini usb. You know, the one that doesn't come off the board with the cable when you remove it about 50 times.

Comment Re:Every molecule is moving, every one. (Score 1) 134

My thought exactly - moving wires due to varnish falloff and moving plates in the transformers and coils. It takes just an instant to "snap" to a location where the movement is no longer possible and only vibration takes place afterwards.

It just struck me today - a CRT is like a CERN in your living room. It is much more complex than LED screen. I can still remember operating CRTs with their plastic covers off, so I can use a screw driver to turn the trimming resistors fix brightness, contrast, and individual saturation of each gun, and that without a colorimeter.

Comment Re:Synesthesia (Score 1) 134

Well, sound to me has a shape. When I hear sounds, I see something between an oscilloscope, frequency graph and something I could best describe as contrast function based on tempo, pitch and special orientation.

Which is perhaps not at all that surprising. There are animals who "see" with active sonar, who is to say we don't have some genes that encode a rudimentary passive one. I am not claiming to be able to make any sense of it, but I can attribute a geometric shape to a sound, especially classical music.

Comment Re:Have it all the time... (Score 1) 134

Nope, the CRTs are pure noise. I can hear them operating even with my eyes closed and my back turned to them. I just have a significantly better high-frequency sensitivity than most people. The initial jolt is the electromagnets snapping into place when power is turned on, then the noise of them working is very distinct high frequency sound (for the horizontal deflectors).
May be your high-frequency hearing is not that good but you still perceive the vibrations.

Comment Re:Self-driving Car 'Problem' in Bike Lanes (Score 1) 383

I would mostly agree, but I grew up in the 80s and back then you were expected to exercise common sense and be on alert even if indoors if not in your own home.

Get injured in a friend's place - the government run and free (back then) healthcare (actual care) system would take care of you. You would have an ambulance with an actual doctor a field nurse and a driver (not just measly emts) at your location in between 3 to 7 minutes from a phone call. It took a little more time for firefighters. Nothing was inherently safe or unsafe.

Just last week my company had a Christmas party at a restaurant offsite. Let's say that the food and the drinks didn't quite agree with a colleague who barfed repeatedly on his way to the restroom, a distance of no more than 18 feet. I did walk 4 to 5 seconds after him to check on him, stepping in his barf with no indication of loss of traction whatsoever. Another colleague who did see the guy barfing apparently decided to go to the ladies room at the same time. She walked 3 feet behind me, somehow managed to slip, fall and hit her head. Now she is threatening to sue the restaurant. This is insane. She knew very well where she was going as she saw the original colleague barfing, she apparently did not adjust her stride or the way she steps and made no effort whatsoever to go around the 6" wide barf in a passage that is at least 5 feet wide and there was no other person beside me 3 feet in front of her and not impeding her movement. What do you call that?

Comment Re:Self-driving Car 'Problem' in Bike Lanes (Score 1) 383

You are supposed to have health insurance or live an country with a working health care system. If you slip and fall on a sidewalk who do you sue? All the people in the city as it is a public property. That is insane. If you slip it is your own fault, unless there is grease and or other substance.

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