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Submission + - EVGA Adds GeForce GTX 670 To Nvidia Graphics Lineup

I.M.O.G. writes: "Filling the gap between mid-range graphics cards around the $250 mark and high-end excess that costs upward of $500, EVGA has added a $420 GeForce GTX 670 to NVIDIA's stable of graphics cards. Based on the company's latest GK104 GPU, this GTX 670 offers equivalent performance to the flagship GTX 680 with similar power consumption and a cheaper price tag. The value proposition is strong with this one, although as the Overclockers review points out, the temperatures on this run a touch on the warmer side."

Submission + - Why Is Ivy Bridge Hot?

I.M.O.G. writes: "PC enthusiasts with Ivy Bridge engineering samples, and reviewers at large have come to the consensus that Ivy Bridge is a slightly warmer chip than it should be. An investigation from found common thermal paste between the CPU die and the Integrated Heat Spreader by removing the IHS of an Ivy Bridge Core processor. Typically on modern Intel processors the IHS is soldered to the die enabling more effective heat transfer."

Submission + - Intel Launches Ivy Bridge Desktop CPUs

I.M.O.G. writes: "Intel continues its tick-tock cadence today, releasing their Ivy Bridge architecture bringing their process to 22nm and introducing their tri-gate transistor design. In a process shrink of this nature, clock for clock performance increases are typically moderate over previous architectures. In most all benchmarks, Ivy Bridge is scoring between 3-5% better than Sandy Bridge when compared at the same clock speeds."

Submission + - How-To: 8 GHz on AMD Bulldozer (

I.M.O.G. writes: "Full instructions for how people can attempt CPU Frequency World Records on Bulldozer. I haven't seen anyone with a top 20 world record score share exactly how they did it, so I wanted to be the first to explain how it is done."

Submission + - AMD FX CPU Reviews (

I.M.O.G. writes: "Today AMD lifted embargo on their most recent desktop AMD FX architecture, code named Bulldozer, whose CPU frequency record Slashdot recently covered. The fruition of 6 years of AMD R&D, this new chip architecture is the most significant news out of AMD since the Phenom II made its debut. The chips are available now in all major retail outlets and top tier hardware sites have published the first Bulldozer reviews already. Without spoiling the news, expect a mixed bag of opinions."

Submission + - AMD's New Flagship HD 6990 Tested (

I.M.O.G. writes: "Today AMD officially introduces their newest flagship GPU, the Radeon HD 6990. Targeted to counter Nvidia's current generation flagship GTX580, for AMD this is a followup to their previous generation 2xGPU on a single PCB design, the Radeon HD 5970. It represents the strongest entry AMD will release within their 6000 series graphics lineup. Initial testing and overclocking results are publishing at first tier review sites now. As eloquently stated by Tweaktown's Anthony Garreffa, the 6990 "punches all other GPU's in the nuts.""

Submission + - AMD's New Flagship HD 6970 Tested (

I.M.O.G. writes: "Today AMD officially introduces their newest flagship GPU, the Radeon HD 6970, hot on the heels of the Radeon HD 6870 released at the end of October, then the NVIDIA GTX 580 in early November, which is Nvidia's current flagship card. Initial testing and overclocking results are publishing at first tier review sites now. While the HD 6970 is a strong performer and the price point is outstanding for consumers, the GTX 580 retains the flagship crown while the AMD 5970 keeps the single card performance crown with its dual GPUs on a single card."

Submission + - Windows Showdown: 8 Operating Systems in 6 Benchma (

I.M.O.G. writes: "Since its debut, Windows Vista has taken nothing but flak from almost every demographic one could think of. Windows 7 on the other hand has been hailed as being noticeably better performing, and supposedly as light as XP. And what about XP? How do they really stack up to one another? The benchmark examination of these questions follows."

Submission + - USB 3.0 Performance Testing (

I.M.O.G. writes: "Today I'm beginning a series on Gigabyte's newest additions to the P55 chipset family, the P55A-UD3R and the P55A-UD6, both of which feature two SATA 6Gb/s ports, and two USB 3.0 ports! Although I do not have a SATA 6Gb/s drive to test performance of the new interface, part one of my investigation is an exploration of the new USB 3.0 interface using the UD6 motherboard."

Submission + - AMD to Spinoff Fabs (

I.M.O.G. writes: "Advanced Micro Devices plans to announce Tuesday that it will split into two companies — one focused on designing microprocessors and the other on the costly business of manufacturing them — in a drastic effort to maintain its position as the only real rival to Intel. "This is the biggest announcement in our history," said A.M.D.'s chief executive, Dirk Meyer. "This will make us a financially stronger company, both in the near term and in the long term, as a result of being out from the capital expense burden we have had to bear.""

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