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Comment Re:Boo hoo (Score 1) 247

I have no idea how you've been modded "5, Insightful". /. has turned into some new kind of circlejerk. The NSA is tasked with BOTH offensive and defensive roles, and they have a history of (under great scrutiny and suspicion) actually helping to improve security/encryption. The idea that offensive security professionals are motivated by their jealousy of "the makers" is fucking laughable. Characterizing the entire agency as "script kiddie perverts" shows that you lack a fundamental understanding of what the agency does, how it does it, and why it does it. Also, keep in mind that the NSA is an intelligence agency. They are not a police force or defense force of any type. There are other agencies charged with ensuring and assisting with the implementation of security measures.

Comment Re:Great point, but ..... (Score 1) 481

It's a big factor. Here is a piece from NPR covering a beat cop working in Skid Row. Skid Row is pretty much a worse case scenario for law enforcement. He's been patrolling the same neighborhood for almost 20 years. He's familiar with the community and they're familiar with him. It has made a huge impact on how the people and the police interact with one another.

Comment This sounds familiar (Score 1) 105

The NSA has an interest in strong encryption as much as they do in subverting encryption. Take as an example the work they did with (read "for") IBM on DES.

"It took the academic community two decades to figure out that the NSA 'tweaks' actually improved the security of DES." -Bruce Schneier

Comment Re:It's the End of the World... Again [Re:Thank Go (Score 1) 286

I know they're a long way off, but the scientific predictions are way more terrifying.

From Wikipedia, "The heat death of the universe is a suggested ultimate fate of the universe, in which the universe has diminished to a state of no thermodynamic free energy and therefore can no longer sustain motion or life.'

WTF? I don't even.

Comment Re:Inflammatory? You bet! Defamation? Not a chance (Score 1) 371

So they made these comparisons and wrote all of these inflammatory things betting on the HOPE that Mann would sue them for defamation so they could drag all of these documents Mann's been alegedly hiding out into court? Is that what your saying? That seems like a bit of a stretch to me.

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