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Comment Re:Good enough for what they are designed for... (Score 1) 344

Well, see, I'm not surprised to know. In fact, that's what had me stumped about his post...

I don't know what the big deal is about 3D printers and guns. Hell, if you could manufacture a gun using a magic wand and sell it, it would be illegal if you don't have a License to Manufacture firearms... Give it up already...

This sounds like total nonsense when you understand that a 3d printed firearm could be used for crimes, including rampages ending in suicide. I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt, but anyone who is only concerned with the licensing and selling of 3d printed firearms is a complete idiot.

Comment Re:one word (Score 3, Insightful) 362

Unfortunately for those who've never eaten healthy in their life they don't know they feel like crap. They don't have any other experience to compare it to. A few years ago I started eating a lot healthier, and replaced one meal per week with just a salad. I thought I was going to feel like crap due to what I perceived to be a lack of substance but it turned out I had way more energy and started to feel "good" for the first time since childhood. After I cut out sugar, sodas, and most red meat I find myself feeling much more energetic. Exercising in the morning added to this effect. I didn't know that I felt like crap eating crap food until I experienced something else. I think most people who eat fast food all the time and don't exercise think they feel fine. It's kinda sad.

Comment Re:Free time (Score 1) 347

Year 2:

- learn regular expressions
- learn to install and manage version control systems (svn, git)
- learn design patterns, anti patterns, and advanced architecture
- learn how to implement security in your servers and programming languages
- learn unit testing
- learn application development paradigms (waterfall, agile)
- learn how to optimize your sites through caching, cdns, concurrent request tricks (multiple subdomains) and auditing your logic
- learn the next big thing that sprung up while you were teaching yourself the stuff above

Comment Re:Yes, don't go to university to learn a trade (Score 2) 347

Went to a trade school for graphic design, taught myself programming. I have a BA, not a CS, but I spent nearly all my free time working in code and banging my head against the wall over the kinds of problems that are simple to me now, and worked as a programmer while still in school for my BA. I worked for really cheap, but experience got me a better job, where I worked with better programmers and in turn learned to be a better programmer. And that's how everyone I know got into programming. I don't know anyone who knew they wanted to be a programmer before they went to school and decided a CS degree would help them. You have to have a talent and enjoyment for problem solving, and a need that programming can solve. That's about it. Read books, teach yourself, and learn from others. Rinse, repeat. (Oh yeah, almost forgot. A programmer's education is never over. You will constantly teach yourself new tricks or become a manager.)

Comment Re:GIMP vs. Ps (Score 1) 197

Also, Photoshop was, and still is, ridiculously intuitive and obvious how to use. Put an inexperienced person in front of Photoshop and then Eclipse (or NetBeans, or insert your favorite IDE here) and see what the person learns to use first. Hell, put them in front of Photoshop and then Flash. Photoshop is easy. Comedy is hard. Programming is impossible (but we still try).

Comment Re:Hypocrite (Score 1) 505

(and also a liar, via the implication that you are not an American yourself)

This is a specious assumption. Being in a group does not mean a person is not willing and able to insult it. This assumption would make the world simpler for you, but the world is not this simple. Anyone with experience dealing with people knows that people do things that don't make logical sense all the time. All the fucking time. Quite often people feel like they are qualified and entitled to insult their own group because they are a part of it. This person is not necessarily a liar (for reasons inferred by your assumption).

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