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Journal Journal: No good deed goes unpunished

This is just fucking stupid. I should sue that bitch for my elevated blood pressure that was caused by my reading about this stupid fucking lawsuit.
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Journal Journal: Global warming debunked... believers still believe

Less than a week after this story, in which the teeming Slashdot hordes declared global warming indisputable and likened global warming deniers to holocaust deniers, comes this interesting development: the famous "hockey stick" is an artifact of poor mathematical technique. It turns out that if you improperly normalize your data, you can always find a hockey stick. The scientists who discovered this submitted their findings to Nature, who decided that it wasn't important enough to publish. I'm sure their decision wasn't influenced by politics at all.
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Journal Journal: Serbia bans evolution...

As I'm sure this story submission will be rejected for being a tad bit flamebait, I'll preserve it for posterity here:

Looks like the intellectual midgets in Kansas aren't the only ones who think evolution is a bunch of hooey. Another school system has banned the teaching of evolution. But the amazing thing is that this time it's not one of the backwards US states, it's Serbia -- a podunk country in that bastion of intellectual superiority called Europe. The good news for reasonable people everywhere is that this insanity was quickly reversed. But do you think it will shut up the anti-US Eurotrolls?

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Journal Journal: IF I EVER MEET YOU, I WILL KICK YOUR ASS!!!!!1!!!!!! 5

Alright, some fuckwit decided to use all five of his mod points to mod down some of my recent posts. Real fuckin' subtle there, asshat. Modding down posts that are almost a week old is pretty freakin' lame.

Well buddy, I hope you're happy with yourself, cuz IF I EVER MEET YOU, I WILL KICK YOUR ASS! Oh, and I hope you get slapped in metamod for that shit, you pussy.

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Journal Journal: Man, I hate job hunting 1

I'm currently employed, but looking for a job, because my job now sucks and it's pretty clear that the end game is that I'll get laid off. So I might as well leave on my terms instead of my employer's, right?

Anyway, the last time I looked for a job was three years ago, and it seemed a lot easier then. Now, companies seem more openly hostile to prospective employees than they did then. Today, I called one place to check on the status of my application, since I applied online, and there were some anomolies in my submission, so I'm not sure if my resume actually got through. I spoke to a nice lady at the reception who informed me that HR doesn't take calls except by appointment. She then told me that the only way they accept job applications is by their website. However, after some prodding, she did give me a P.O. Box I could send my resume to. So now I'm printing a hard copy of my resume to send to them. What a fun-filled Friday night...

Still, I don't understand why it takes places so long to get back to qualified applicants. Recently were thinking of firing one of our employees, and started collecting applications for his replacement. In the end, we didn't even do any interviews, because we didn't fire the guy. But we were still able to get back to the people and tell them within a few weeks whether or not they were being considered for the position. Is that too much to ask? I've been looking for over a month already, and though I've put in five applications, I've only (indirectly) heard that one of my applications was received. I guess the hiring company has all the cards, so why be curteous, right?

Oh well, enough bellyaching. Time to read the cover letter and resume for the eighteenth time and print it out on the high-quality resume paper.

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