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Comment Re:"self investigate" == alt.right (Score 0) 735

We've been trying to warn the right this would be the result of their constant pimping, but they'll do anything to get elected, fuck the consequences.

We've been trying to warn the left that their cozying up with #BlackLivesMatter was going to result in more people being killed, including all of the cops who have needlessly lost their lives in targeted attacks... all so you could try to gain more elected seats.

As you said... and as Hillary so vividly said when bringing the mothers of attempted cop killers on stage with her... "f#%& the consequences"

Comment Re: Fake News? (Score 1) 735

You must have missed the Bush years when the Dems did much the same.

I wonder then where the GOP got the idea from... or filibustering supreme court nominees. No, not a Dem idea at all.

Now thanks to Reid largely getting rid of the filibuster, the GOP is poised to teach a lesson to the dems which will resonate for a generation.

I'm no Trump fan, but the tears from the left over the last few weeks have been delicious... so it must be asked: how do you like them apples?

Comment Re: Fake News? (Score 1) 735

Not at all. Colbert at least understood the role he was trying to play and came off as funny to many on both sides. Stewart was just so reflexive that he thought that he as a progressive, playing the part of an unabashed progressive would be funny to all... he wasn't.

I haven't given the new guy much of a shot yet, but did recently watch the Tomi Lahren interview (my first time actually seeing/hearing) her speak... where she utterly mopped the floor with him, something I think he even knew in the end.

Comment Re:These wackos are cows with guns (Score -1, Offtopic) 735

So when an extreme left-wing nutjob gun owner went into the Family Research Council office in DC, complete with a bag of chick-fil-a and a list of 'hate groups' from the Southern Poverty Law Center and shot someone before being wrestled to the ground... he was what? Nothing to worry about?

Comment I used to work for an "Idea Man" and it sucked (Score 2) 332

I used to work for a (bigger than small but smaller than medium) family owned business doing web development.

The CEO and President were brothers, they were the sons of the owner.

One of the two was the idea man. He'd see something on a competitor's website or he'd read about it somewhere and call a meeting to find out what would be needed for us to do it too. We'd discus it, start developing a plan and get to it and three days later, there'd be another newer, shinier thing that he wanted us to work on. It was soul-crushing because we never got to follow through on anything. I was very happy to leave that place.


Comment Re:President Trump (tm) (Score 2) 524

Was he bullshitting then or is he bullshitting now?

Neither. Like Obama & Hillary on the subject of same-sex marriage... he 'evolved' on the issue ;)

Or are the very concepts of logic and consistency rigged?

Ask that once we have a final answer as to why 'dissent is patriotic' 2001-2008, racist from 2009-11/8/16, then back to patriotic come 11/9/16?

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