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Journal Journal: Our culture is fading... 3

This is some really scary shit. The part about the visas is pretty fucked up too. They want to ship their brown brothers over here, so that they can ship money back. Those dirty little bastards suck ass.

A Jamaican once said that all the Jamaican men she knows, in America, just want to breed and take over. That's literally the way they think. And, they're doing a decent job at it. They're not close to the spics though. It's unbelievable how fast Spanish is becoming a legitimate language in this country. They're even holding major political debates in Spanish. When will white people wake up to this and put a stop to it?!? When will there be outrage? When will people get upset about watching our culture get eroded away from beneath us? When will we stop calling "cultural diversity" a good thing, and stop thinking that every fucking dirt-farmer that comes in here is improving our country?

The language thing is totally shocking to me. When I visit another country, I learn as much of the language as I can. If I were to move to another country, I would absolutely learn their language. Why the fuck are they coming here, if they want to keep their shitty culture? If it was so great, why did they leave in the first place? Some estimates say that by as early as 2012 Spanish will be the primary language in NY. That's truly fucking scary.

Don't be fooled, America has a well-defined culture. In fact, we've had one for at least 100 years now. A good portion of the world loves to whine about our exporting of our culture (they don't seem tired of buying it). Don't let us lose our culture... Kill a dirty border-jumper today.

Journal Journal: Dead nigger child. 23

I originally read this story and just thought they were some typical religious whackos. Then, I looked at CNN's writeup. As you can see, the fucking kid was a nigger (hell, he was a fucked up nigger). Also, if you read the quotes from the church members, it's clear how fucking dumb they are (in case the "exorcism"-style thing they were doing didn't give that away). The kid had it coming, and his family and the other church members could use a good lynching. Here are the premium quotes:
  • "...and we was asking God to deliver him."
  • "Nobody wants to see nobody pass away..."

Often, when someone quotes a stupid monkey that can't speak properly, they'll clean up the language. It amuses me when they don't.

Journal Journal: Reject this, you ignorant slut. 10

Time to get another story submission rejected. Admittedly, it's nothing that special, just a quick summary of what's going on today. But, everyone loves stories about the nasty media conglomerates, so I figured I'd submit it.

The RIAA feels resistance, while it's cousins get bolder.
Posted by Goatse on Thursday August 14, @ 12:05PM
From the racists-cant-be-published dept.
I'm a racist. writes "The RIAA's bullying is finally causing people to push back. The ISPs are not going to just roll over. Despite Verizon's loss, one woman has hired a laywer and is trying to prevent Verizon from releasing her info. Meanwhile, I've found Canada to be a bit more sane about IP, compared to us (just look at the whole DirecTV fiasco). However, their version of the RIAA (the CRIAA) is starting to employ similar techniques, can the European analog be far behind? At least the RIAA has experienced one or two minor setbacks. It's good to see some people taking a stand. Hopefully the fight will end here, before other countries get sucked down into this mess. Of course, all of this would just go away if we didn't fund these lawsuits in the first place."

You know, just for fun, I should make a troll account and get a link to something nasty posted on the front page...
The Courts

Journal Journal: No justice for whites. 4

If you're white, you can be retried over and over, until you get convicted. Niggers can kill cops and go free (even when they're convicted, they aren't that severely punished). But, if a cop so much as pushes a nigger, that cop MUST be found guilty of assault (lest there be rioting).

Let's bring out the national guard and surround the nigger neighborhoods, then let them riot all they want. The fucking animals are too stupid to realize that they shouldn't shit where they eat.

Sometimes a nigger deserves a beating. Well, most of the time they deserve a beating, and the rest of the time it's just entertaining. Rodney King deserved to get smacked around (he did not deserve his multimillion dollar settlement). The niggers just hate cops, not because cops treat them unfairly, but because niggers have no intention of living within the bounds of the law.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: A fine example.

This is what came from emancipating the porch monkeys. The fuckers should never ever be allowed to run a country, they always fuck them up. Oh, well, niggers killing each other amuses the shit out of me...

Journal Journal: Niggers suck. 7

Honestly, I really don't understand why some people get all upset over racial slurs. Everyone knows the dirty skins are inferior, what's wrong with saying it out loud? If we don't talk about it, will the problem go away? That's fucked up jew-logic.

I know niggers are dumb, but it will never cease to amaze me how dumb they are. I guess I would find it sad, if I were a compassionate person. I just find it fucking funny.

The article, which I heard about from here, is quite interesting. You can't cry racism about his observations, because he's a shitskin himself. It does seem true, and is related to why white kids try to rebel by acting black (instead of trying to be like James Dean or becoming hippie asswipes, like they used to).

Journal Journal: That other University of Michigan lawsuit. 3

I sent this in as a story for the main page... I doubt it'll get there though. They couldn't stand to have my name on the front page. Anyway, this is another important legal decision (no less important that telling the RIAA to go fuck itself). And, like many intellectual property cases, we all just got screwed.

I'm a racist writes, "It appears that affirmative action will be with us for another generation. There were actually two separate suits that reached the Supreme Court. One case involved admission into the undergraduate program, where being "a minority" would get you 20 points (100 required to get in, 150 maximum) on their scale. The other case involved entry into the law school, which had a more vague system of discrimination. The undergraduate method was deemed unconstitutional, while the law school's method was upheld. Both were split decisions. Other articles can be found here, here, here, and here. Some related opinions(from both sides of the fence) are here and here."

Here's my current story submission stats:

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The Media

Journal Journal: If all races were equal... 15

You can tell the difference between races (except for some mudbabies and their ilk) with a simple visual inspection. How the fuck can anyone try to pretend that we're all the same when we have such obvious differences?

Why is it unreasonable to assume that some pretty massive physical differences would not come along with massive differences in intelligence and behavior? Where did this bullshit ideological stance of promoting equality at all costs (even if that conflicts with observation) come from?

Niggers have been handed everything. They were just dropped into an advanced society (often after having been sold to us by rival nigger tribes), no innovation on their part was required. We gave them freedom. We gave them affirmative action. We called them 'African-Americans', despite most of them not being able to name 2 African countries. And, on the whole, they still can not fit in.

Any neighborhood that the spooks move into turns to shit. They can't maintain their homes. They can't keep from stealing, raping, murdering, and general jigabooing. Isn't it about time they take the blame for this shit? Can we finally stop saying it's society's fault?

Look, 100 years ago, the Irish moved here. People were pissed off, and treated them like shit ("Irish need not apply.", etc). Despite this, the Irish proved themselves to be hard working, law abiding, and so on. They're no longer discriminated against. The niggers have been here, en masse, for centuries, and still show no evidence of being up to the standards of your average white American. Maybe, niggers are discriminated against, because they really are worthless pieces of shit... did any of you liberal fuckwads think of that?

Just like someone proclaiming that there is a god, the burden of proof is on the liberals to show that niggers are equal to whites. I know this guy is just trying to be a troll, but his signature kicks ass. In case he changes it, it is "I can't decide if darkies like Linux because they can afford it, or if they hate it because they can't steal it."

Lastly, I really hate how people are so bad at spelling. I'm not so upset with grammar, since my grammar isn't too great (although it seems better than average). Poor spelling points to a total lack of understanding of our language, and a rather fucked up vocabulary. People who can't spell properly can't possibly understand the relationships between the roots of words, the evolution of English, and so on. Part of it is an educational issue, part of it is pure laziness, and a good chunk of it is built-in incompetence.

One stupid porch-monkey thought he was being really clever, and pointing out a mistake of mine, only to make himself look like an even bigger dumbass. I might've replied, to correct him (and explain plural vs. possesive forms of words), but figured he'd never see it, since he posted anonymously. What a dumbshit...

Journal Journal: What qualifies as flamebait? 4

How is this flamebait?

Sure, it's not very well written (I didn't proofread it). But, it's more-or-less correct and informative/educational. Up until 14-16 hours after it was posted, it only got moderated as "Informative" and "Underrated". Then, all of a sudden, it got modded as "Flamebait". What the fuck caused that?

Sure, all the "equality-whoring" dumbasses seem to gravitate towards it, but how's that my fault? I've had lots of other posts that didn't get any dickheaded replies.

I notice posts expressing just about any personal opinion modded as flamebait (even if they aren't intended to be inflammatory). That's retarded, but I'm not totally surprised. Now, with this post, I wasn't expressing an opinion, just explaining a bit of science.

The perfect example of idiotic moderation is where one post gets modded as flamebait. Four minutes later, the same exact post (cut & paste) is modded as funny.

That being said, I read at +4, with a +6 bonus for flamebait and troll (since there actually is good stuff that gets stupidly modded down). I also give a +3 to friends and a +2 to funny, just because I want to.

Now, one of my more recent posts, while not being intended as flamebait, is certainly much more inflammatory than my one on photon counts (How the fuck is counting photons inflammatory??). Incidentally, it's very poorly written and not well thoughtout. Oddly, this one didn't get modded as flamebait at all (it even had more replies than my other post).

Lastly, this one is kind of flamebait, I knew that when writing it. I figured by labelling part of it as a "rant", it would be taken a bit differently. Still, it wasn't really intended to incite people, just to state opinions/facts/thoughts/musings/ideas/whatever.

Now, if I posted something saying "All fucking niggers must fucking hang.", then I could see it getting modded as flamebait (even though it's true and not offensive).

The point is, moderators are knee-jerk reactionary assholes.

In a kind of unrelated topic, why are so many vocal /.ers against racism? Is the collective IQ around here really that low? Damned usless liberal spook-lovers.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Rodney King.

Rodney King's in trouble with the law (again!). This isn't the first time since his well-deserved beating, either. He recently crashed into a house at 100 MPH (I think he's had 2 other major accidents with the same car, plus some wife-beating, and drug charges). Of course, this wasn't very big news, because it would make all the niggers who riotted look like the stupid animals that they are.

The fucking niggers riotted over the cops being acquitted for beating him, when they did nothing wrong. Whites should fucking riot (in a black neighborhood, of course, since we're not dumb enough to shit where we eat) because he's allowed to do this shit.

The police, in LA, were justified in hitting a suspect who they felt was a threat, if the suspect refused to lay prone. Rodney King would not stay down, so he got fucking hammered. Good, the rotten shit had it coming. The video didn't capture the chase that went on before they got him on the ground. Now, if he ran over a couple of kids before the cops got him, maybe the niggers/jews/liberals wouldn't have had a problem with him getting smacked around. Instead of him going to prison, where niggers belong, the piece of shit got a $3.8million payday (not to mention the $1billion more in costs due to the riot).

Couple this shit with O.J. being acquitted for murder (and his far less publicized drug charges) and you can see this whole country is turning to shit. If we weren't finally killing off the dirty Arabs, I'd be fucking fed up with it.

While searching Google News for a good link about the Rodney King story, I came across this funny shit, damn, that Marna bitch must be fucking retarded.

There are way too many dumb motherfuckers in this world...
User Journal

Journal Journal: What's wrong with racism? 10

Why do people have a problem with judging someone by their race? It doesn't make sense. You can judge people by their friendliness, intelligence, strength, attractiveness, but not their race. That's just fucking stupid.

Journal Journal: Dirty races do dirty jobs.

Case in point.

I also think most jizz-moppers are niggers, but I don't really have evidence to back this up (nor am I interested in collecting such evidence).

Plenty of spics and gooks scrub toilets, which actually works nicely, because people are far less likely to notice their stench.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Dumbasses.

While I am certainly justified in my way of thinking (kill all niggers!!!), and it is very easy to defend this position, I have found debating with assholes to quickly become a waste of time.

Someone wanted me to open up my journal to comments. I would get some enjoyment from promoting my views (and winning supporters), it's really just a pain in the ass. The people that would reply are only looking to argue, they aren't willing to listen/learn (kinda like niggers).

I do sometimes like to provoke people. I used to really enjoy arguing with people about religion (it's so easy!). And, there are some people out there that are now athiests because of me. Of course, I've opened some people's eyes to the problems caused by accepting the dirty skins as our equals too. I would gladly do so here, except I expect that the majority of people I'll get responding to me are only looking to argue. There's no point, they won't listen to what I have to tell them.

There was one douchebag that started arguing with me on /. not too long ago. It was rather pathetic. He couldn't grasp simple concepts. He tried to say that Indians (dots, not feathers) can't be inferior to whites, because the same logic would mean that jews are also inferior. The flaw in his argument is that jews are inferior. Sure, some others understood, but they probably understood already. So, by arguing I wouldn't have properly educated the dumbass, and those that could learn already knew.

That's the problem with opening my journal, it's pointless. The people who would argue with me are incapable of understanding the arguement, and are simply out to be a pain in the ass. It would just be a drain on my time.

Down with Saudi Arabia!!!

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