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Comment Re:Getting screwed in both directions (Score 1) 443

Well it came up in some port code from another language so it defiantly isn't an every day occurrence.

The problem is if you store some opaque data as say an object reference. Then make explicit cast accessors to get at the object as some value type. If you then call a mutator on the valuetype, you change a temporary version that was made for the cast instead of the underlying object.

Regardless porting c++ to c# is rife with all sorts of nice gems. Properties have the same issue in this specific case.

Comment Re:Getting screwed in both directions (Score 2, Insightful) 443

... Value types, these are structs that are not wrapped in an object
yeah these can get "fun" with auto boxing and properties

... Platform-invoke allows developers to call native code without having to write any glue in C++ using JNI, it can all be done in the managed language.
no support on the phone for this

... Unsafe code (pointers) to support C++, Cobol and Fortran compilers running on the CLI
not on the phone eaither

.. Native support for talking to COM-based APIs. Although mostly Windows-specific, its used to talk to Mozilla, VirtualBox and OpenOffice APIs in Linux.
not on the phone

... Covariance and contravariance introduced with .NET 4 make even more generic cases a pleasure to use.
sorta nice but you don't get the cut and paste power of c++ templates. Also the phone is locked at some bastardized version of 3.. you don't get many of the 4 features. This may possibly change in the future.

Another benefit of for is they've made a dynamic invocation system, so at runtime you can intercept function lookups, which will be pretty nifty for making scripting languages. Again the phone is lacking this atm.

Comment Hmm this patent seems way too bogus (Score 1) 243

http://www.google.com/patents?vid=USPAT7251653 From what I can derive from the claims. They patented database stored views? They do have the magic wort Piviot in there.. whatever that means. All I can derive from the pivot table is, its another table defined by table data. Not like every database in existence is implemented this way already.

Submission + - Ubisoft’s New DRM Cracked in Under 24-Hours (infoaddict.com)

guantamanera writes: Ubisoft made serious waves when they announced a new DRM policy for all new PC titles, beginning with Silent Hunter 5 and Assassin’s Creed 2. The new scheme UbiSoft hoped would thwart piracy requires all legitimate users to have a permanent Internet connection that continuously authenticates a copy of the game. Additionally, save game files are now stored on UbiSoft servers.

Comment Making games isn't a bad way to learn. (Score 1) 173

[rambling] For one thing making a game is way more involved then making a website. There are lots of opportunities to work with algorithms (AI being a big one). Usually games don't have much of a framework to work with, as compared to say business apps. So you're left to devising your own systems for data and organization, which I feel is good for learning. The frameworks that are out there will give you nice easy hardware access; which is more gentle then it used to be. As someone mentioned above, making UIs can be a killer, its freaking tedious and in the real world usually you have a designer for this. Although some people have this skill some what naturally, usually programmers end up making the most simple ugly UI possible that is functional, but not obvious to anyone but them. [/rambling]

Bing Search Tainted By Pro-Microsoft Results 582

bdcny7927 writes "Just as Bing is gaining popularity, some disturbingly pro-Microsoft and anti-Apple search results are rearing their ugly heads. Case in point: a search on Bing for the phrase, 'Why is Windows so expensive?' returned this as the top link: 'Why are Macs so expensive.' That's right. You're not hallucinating."
PC Games (Games)

Is Cataclysm the Next World of Warcraft Expansion? 259

ajs writes "There has been no official announcement yet, but a number of moves by Blizzard Entertainment seem to indicate that the next expansion for World of Warcraft could be titled Cataclysm. Speculation began when Blizzard trademarked Cataclysm recently, and then later when a test server briefly popped up with the word 'Maelstrom' in its name. If true, the name would fall neatly into the WoW lore and expected expansion list. The Cataclysm is another name for the Great Sundering, an event that created a swirling vortex of water and mystical energies (the 'Maelstrom') that has appeared on the world map in-game since release. There are also indications that early design work included some of the islands in this area, which has long fueled anticipation of a Maelstrom-based expansion involving the former Night Elf noble, Azshara, queen of the Naga and the Goblins whose main city is in the south seas."

Google Brings 3D To Web With Open Source Plugin 191

maxheadroom writes "Google has released an open source browser plugin that provides a JavaScript API for displaying 3D graphics in web content. Google hopes that the project will promote experimentation and help advance a collaborative effort with the Khronos Group and Mozilla to create open standards for 3D on the web. Google's plugin offers its own retained-mode graphics API, called O3D, which takes a different approach from a similar browser plugin created by Mozilla. Google's plugin is cross-platform compatible and works with several browsers. In an interview with Ars Technica, Google product manager Henry Bridge and engineering director Matt Papakipos say that Google's API will eventually converge with Mozilla's as the technology matures. The search giant hopes to bring programs like SketchUp and Google Earth to the browser space."

Submission + - Your Wii now plays NEOGEO games (videogamesblogger.com)

Wowzer writes: "NEOGEO games will now be appearing in the Wii Shop Channel for download. NEOGEO becomes the sixth platform represented in the Wii Shop Channel. The first NEOGEO games include three fighting games that are a mix of familiar franchises and cult classics. The arcade games are: Fatal Fury, World Heroes and Art of Fighting. Each costing 900, no not Dollars, Wii Points and that's $9."

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